KCMU is the public radio station for the University of Washington in Seattle. KCMU features all sorts of frightening DJs most of whom know quite a little bit about music but really need some lessons on how to speak well. Nevertheless KCMU&generally kicks ass.

John in the Morning from 6AM to 10AM is the most godlike of the DJs

Also quite good is Quilty3000 (ex-Mr. Quilty's Widow, and God knows what her name was before that...) on Sundays during the day.
KCMU is the finest radio station I've ever listened to. They have a true mix during the day, and in the evening they have two hour blocks by obsessed djs who spin all one type of music. My least favorite of these is Jazz Theater on Saturdays, but the rest are quite good.

One of the best other shows on KCMU, which really demonstrates what separates experienced DJ's from the rest, is Expansions, with DJ Riz Rollins. Acid Jazz, Trip Hop, Ambient etc. Saturdays at 9, Sundays at 8. Stuff you will almost never hear anywhere else, including Napster.

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