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Spam might be back. The dust has settled, many of his nodes have been nuked, he's putting the past behind him, and he might, just might be back with a vengence.

Or not with a vengence. It's hard to say.

Hello.  My name is Spam, welcome to my world.
I am your local twisted geek for the Fraser, MI area of the US. By "Twisted geek", I mean that I fail to follow many of the classifications most other geeks have. For example, I may be the only geek on this planet with ultimately no desire to watch anime. Figure that one out. Please. I've been trying to figure it out for years.

I doodle. I do this despite my severe lack of artistic talent. I do not doodle to create meaningful, beautiful pictures. Rather, I doodle for two reasons: 1) Output my brain onto paper, and 2) Weaponry. A bad drawing can be very useful when conventional arms run out.

Also, be careful, as I sometimes lapse into speaking/chatting with a combination vague British/Australian accent. You have been warned.

I also draw a webcomic, The Dementia of Magic. It's at

Welcome to CaptainSpam's homenode. You'll be lost enough.


Website: Exclaim Industries, You want bad drawings? Lousy audio skits? Randomly chosen tidbits of info? Bean Man? You've come to the right place. (Er... rather, you WOULD be at the right place if you went there)
ICQ UIN: 5929866
AIM Handle: MrSpicyRobot
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Yahoo! ID: MrSpicyRobot
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Former Place of employment: Meijer #63 (13 Mile Road & Little Mack in Roseville, MI)
Current Place of employment: Meijer #145 (15 Mile Road & Utica in Fraser, MI)
Preferred class in Nethack: Wizard or Valkyrie. Magic or brute force with cold resistance? The eternal decision...

The closest attempt to branding me with a label to date:

Version: 3.1
GCM/CS d- s:+ a--- C++ UL++>++++ P+++ L++@ E- W++ N o? K? w--- O? M--
V? PS+@ PE Y+ PGP?>+ t+*@ 5? X !R tv b DI++ D G e>+++ h! !r y--