Beans are a fruit which are oval-ish and brown.

Eating them

Eating beans is a very good idea. Not only are they one of your 5-an-evening, but on the official Eatwell Plate it states: "Eat more beans".

Ways to eat them

You can eat beans on their own, or on toast. You can get bean-burgers and beanets™. They're going places.

Types of Beans

The most-used types of beans are...

  • Recycled compressed bean
  • BEANY bottle
  • BEANYspray 2.0™ (New for 2019)
  • BEANYfan 1.2™ (New for Summer 2019)
  • Auto-bean
  • Living bean
  • Master bean
  • Small bean
  • Big bean
  • BIG-big bean
  • Baked bean
  • Has-bean
  • T2Bean
  • Jelly beans
  • Meta-bean
  • Wikibeandia (Bean encyclopedia)
  • Black bean
  • BBQ Beans

There are many, many more.

Chocolate beans

Choclate beans are beans coated in chocolate. They make you very well fed and give you a 'chocolate-bean boost'.

BEANY™ brand

They make bean-like things, such as their new BEANY bottle 3.2, which is a hydro-powered bottle and has BEANYspray 2.0™ combo-ed with BEANYfan 1.2™. It's the ultimate for long walks.

They also make the BEANY bottle 2.0, which is like a bag of water that fits neatly into your bag, with a straw going directly into your mouth. It's perfect for going on trips.

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