(n) a kind of stream-of-consciousness drawing, can be figurative or objective, or really abstract and patternized, if you collect a bunch of 'em you can put 'em into a sketchbook

(v) to create said drawings, usually during meetings, lectures, and while talking on the phone

A doodle is a type of breed of mutt -- so to speak. Doodles are any dog that is half poodle, half whatever. Needless to say, this defines a very large and somewhat random set of pooches; there are three types of poodles (toy, miniature, and standard), and hundreds of types of 'whatever'. Doodles tend to have curly, hypoallergenic hair, and be smart, playful dogs (all poodle traits), and tend to look a little silly and be happy and healthy (hybrid traits). Doodle breeders and owners claim that doodles are particularly healthy and long lived due to the hybrid vigor effect, in which a hybrid offspring is healthier than the average member of either of the parents' populations. This effect may be emphasized in dog breeds because so many standard breeds are overbred.

Doodles usually have kinky, curly fur, and lots of it. Puffy and fluffy, with long ears and the round poodle nose. Depending on the 'other' breed, the hair many be long and wavy, sometimes glossy, and of any color. Breeders try to keep the extra-kinky poodle hair (both for looks and because it is hypoallergenic, a big selling point), but even in a comparatively unpoodely doodle, the poodle hair will still be apparent.

Doodles are prized by a large minority of dog lovers, who have many websites and bulletin boards, and a habit of setting up doodle romps where the dogs can gather together and play. If you would like to see a picture of a doodle, of any sort, Google can show you hundreds.

While doodles are not a breed, they are bred. Labradoodles and cockapoos are the most popular crosses, although there are many, many others. While most doodles are still bred from a poodle plus an x, it is becoming increasingly common to breed doodle to doodle. This can be hard, since first generation doodles do not breed true; that is to say, two cockapoos that look the same can have offspring that look like neither of the parents, having unequal amounts of 'cock' and 'poo'. So to speak. Here's a list of some common and uncommon doodles. Names marked by an asterisk are officially recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club

A poodle and a:
American Eskimo: Pookimo*
Beagle: Poogle*
Bichon Frise: Poochon*
Brussels Griffon: Broodle Griffon*
Cairn Terrier: Poocan*
Cavalier King Charles: Cavapoo*
Chihuahua: Wapoo*
Cocker spaniel: Cockapoo, Cock-a-poo*, Spoodle
Collie: Cadoodle*
Coton De Tulear: Poo-Ton*
Dachshund: Doodle*
Doberman Pinscher: Doodleman Pinscher*
English Toy Spaniel: Eng-A-Poo*
German Shepherd: Shepadoodle*
Golden retriever: Goldendoodle*, Goldiepoo
Great Dane: Great doodle
Havanese: Poovanese*
Italian Greyhound: Pootalian*
Jack Russell Terrier: Jack-A-Poo*
Japanese Chin: Poochin*
Labrador retriever: Labradoodle*
Lhasa Apso: Lhasa-poo*
Maltese: Malt-A-Poo*
Papillon: Papi-Poo*
Pekingese: Peke-A-Poo*
Pomeranian: Pooranian*
Rottweiler: Roodle
Saint Bernard: Saint Berdoodle*
Schipperke: Schipper-Poo*
Schnauzer / Mini Schnauzer: Schnoodle
Scottish Terrier: Scoodle*
Shiba Inu: Poo-Shi*
Shih Tzu: Shih-Poo*
Toy Fox Terrier: Foodle*
Weimaraner: Weimardoodle*
Welsh Terrier: Woodle*
Westie: Wee-Poo*
Wheaten Terrier: Whoodle* (note the silent 'H')
Wolfhound: Woodle
Yorkie: Yorkie-Poo*, Yoodle

Doo"dle (?), n. [Cf. Dawdle.]

A trifler; a simple fellow.


© Webster 1913.

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