Term applied to products that are aimed at reducing the frequency of allergic reactions by consumers. Usually, this is done by minimizing or eliminating the amount of substances known to commonly produce reactions in people with allergies.

Common products that manufacturers attempt to advertise as hypoallergenic include cosmetics, pillows, foods, and clothing.

Although a substance may claim to be hypoallergenic, this is of course no guarantee that it might not cause a severe problem or irritation for some people. It is wise for people with a known allergy problem to try out a substance a little at a time. For example, if cosmetics tend to cause reactions, and a person feels that they simply must wear makeup, then perhaps they should apply just a little bit of the product in an out-of-the-way part of their skin. Or if a person is considering a new pillow, they should rest their arm on the pillow before diving face-first into the unknown.

In severe cases, a professional should be consulted.

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