My mother had a gynecologist named Dr. Hole. He had NO sense of humor about it AT ALL. It is not advisable to embarrass a gynecologist prior to an exam. Wait until the end.

I once handled a phone customer who went by the name of 'Mr. Phuc'.

Also, Jamshed Mobed. I was enthralled by the idea of a jam shed and could not concentrate on much else.

So sorry Mr. Jamshed. Hope I did not mess up your account. I think of you often.

I had another customer whose first name was 'Chrispafer' as indicated on his driver’s license.

I knew a Gwendollyn who married a McGonagoogle and became Gwendollyn McGonagoogle-Steffen.

I used to keep a list of funny names, usually banking customers. A good one was Barry Sinrod, which sounds like a porn star. And Ed Outlaw, which sounds like a gun totin' advice columnist.

My supervisor once told me that she had been dating a man for a few months but he would not tell her his last name (always a bad sign). Finally she pried it out of him and discovered that his parents had saddled him with "Harry Bushwacker".

I'd have to say the person with the worst name is the father of one of my sister's friends - Richard Head. I wish this were a joke. His childhood nicknames are obvious. His daughter, Katie, is only slightly better off (you can imagine what being a female with the name Head would be like).

Coming in second is a friend of mine Haley Hagg. If she weren't pretty, this would be the bane of her existence.

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