Following Cussing in German and Cursing in French, here we have Cursing in Australian. Shit, fuck and cunt are so boring and commonplace here that you can't properly swear with them - thus the need for different phrases instead. Please note that cussing (as opposed to cursing) is a little used expression for vomiting in Australia, and really, that's done pretty much the same way no matter what language you speak. Please note, I'm not asking you to like all of these expressions, or saying that I do.

Knob-jockey: Dickhead, wanker

That blows goats: That sucks.

Arse-bandit: Homosexual (pejorative)

Pig's Arse: That's bullshit.

Get yer hand off it: Stop behaving so pretentiously (Sort of :) )

Root: Fuck/to fuck.

Bugger me gently!: Fuck!

Screw me with a broomstick!: Fuck!

Sheepshagger: Redneck/racist

Wog: Greek/Italian

Skip: Anglo-Saxon

Boong: Aboriginal

Rice-eater: Asian

Curry-muncher: Indian

Fezza: unatractive woman

Strewth!: Gee!

Fuck all: Not very much

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