British derogatory slang for a swarthy foreigner. Said to be an acronym for "worthy oriental gentleman".

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Here in Australia 'wog' refers to persons of Mediterranean descent (Greek, Italian, Lebanese, etc). Stereotypically, they love dance music, R&B, leather jackets and souped up cars and live with their parents. They're favourite saying is "Siiiiick mate." This stereotype has been exploited wisely by Nick Gianopolous in numerous plays (Wogs Out of Work, Wogorama, Wogboys) and most recently in a number one box office hit in Australia called The Wogboy.

Increasing in Australia, wog has become a mark of pride in one's ethnic origins. Nowadays, it's used more in the context of "wog pride". So one can say, "I'm a wog" to mark oneself as being from a non-anglo-saxon background and proud of it.

WOG - Navy slang for someone who has not crossed over the equator on a cruise. Short for Pollywog. If you do cross the equator, you go through a humiliating and painful ritual to become a Shellback, a higher form of life (this is according to Navy tradition).

Fun stuff during the day-long ritual includes crawling through a tube full of week-old garbage (and other wog's barf), crawling on your hands and knees across metal and non-skid coated floors, getting hosed down with seawater at 2AM, and other things too grotesque to recall.

This ritual has been watered-down with the current climate of politically-correctness.

British Slang-
A disparaging term for someone of African decent.

Scientology slang-
Used by members of The Church of Scientology to categorize those whom are not members of the church. A deregatory term; meaning one who is an inferior for not being a Scientologist. Scientologists see themselves as above humanity, so this term is also used to mean all "Humans".
See raw meat. See homo sapien.

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