The whole idea of what aliens would think reminds me of an old computer game called Portal (I think). The basic premise was that at some point in the future, the population of the Earth was wiped out, and you, the hero, are the sole survivor. I guess you've returned from some trip to the stars at relativistic speeds, are left with nothing but the remains of the global computer network. As gameplay progresses, you find out more and more of the network online, and manage to collect more fragments of what happened. I don't remember the ending... its either some kinda plague, or a mass exodus or both.
The idea that really scares me thought that e2 may some day become sentient, and base its ideas about humanity on us. If it did, I don't think I could blame it for wiping out the species.

After reading amoeba's post, I think that, no matter what the plans were previous to this, we should NOT give Everything control over the world's nuclear arsenal. In fact, don't even give it a pointed stick. If it decides to off us, we need to make that task as difficult as possible. Also, I suggest that we start noding a bunch about how the human race is powerful and indestructible, just so that it will know where it's place is once the inevitable occurs and Everything becomes sentient.

If there are aliens reading Everything, they might actually try to Assimilate everything into Everything. Woah.

They year, 4598. The place: Earth. All human life has departed, only the broken shell of a world remains...

Alien 1: It seems all life has departed this place. Shouldn't we leave?
Alien 2: Hey wait! I think I found something!
Alien 1: Hua?
Alien 2: It looks like some computer terminal! (Alien 1 pulls the terminal out from the broken, rusted remains of Mir. It boots, show the Navi Copland OS interface, and then loads
Alien 1: Everything? This looks like some kind of encyclopedia.
Alien 2: Oh my g....this is unbelieveable! Do you know what this means?
Alien 1 shrugs
Alien 2: There really was other sentient life forms out there!
Alien 2 continues surfing, he disovers a node called The Assimilation Diary
Alien 1: Assimilation? Do you think they evoloved into digital lifeforms?
Alien 2's eyes widen, and his limbs go limp. Alien 1 screems and runs back to his ship.

Meanwhile, inside the Etrix...

Alien 2: What...? Where am I?
dem bones jumps out BOO!!! MWAHAHAHA!
Alien 2 screems and passes out
Senshi Red: That wasn't very nice, bones.
Wharfinger: That's it, he's gone nuts, get the wand of cursing.

To be continued...

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