Ah.. I can remember it like it was yesterday...

<Cue wavey lines to fade to childhood memories>

I had just come back from the butchers (whom I worked for after school). The other kids were already snug next to the stove fire. As I went to hang my coat and scarf up lil getzburg ran up to me and gave me a big hug. He was such a small lad so he only managed to wrap his arms around my knees.

I smiled and picked him up. We both laughed as I spun him around the kitchen. Templeton (our older sister) chided us for playing in the kitchen. I grinned at lil getzburg and placed him back on the floor.

I watched him run back to the huddle of toasty bodies next to the stove. Briiiiian suggested that he read a story. There was an angelic cheer of approval. Momma Pierce smiled at the kids as she kneaded the dough on the kitchen table.

Young briiiiian asked yossarian to fetch the big book of stories. Yossarian beamed at being designated the chief story fetcher and in flash he was gone. Off to complete his task no doubt.

As I moved towards the children they all gave way so that I too would bask in the radiance of the stove. Dman touched my bluish cheek and exclaimed in a most worried voice that I was very cold. Next thing I knew the blanket that Dorian, Deborah909, and ideath had been sharing was now upon me. I smiled and thought to myself what a wonderful family I had.

Panting heavily yossarian returned, everyone rejoiced. Dem bones nudged me and I saw he was passing me the cup of cocoa we were all sharing. Briiiiian stood up and with the gusto and spirit of a thespian began to weave a wonderful tale.

The story was of dragons, princes and beautiful princesses. My memory fails me (for I am an old and frail man now) but I believe it was called "A dragon named EDB". Now what were the prince and princess names? Ah yes! It was Cowboyneal and Juliet. Now where were we? Oh yes..finishing the story briiiiian had begun. It seemed the world has stopped until Briiiiian had uttered the two magic words "The End". And in a flash we had snapped out of our trances.

Momma Pierce smiling like the sun (she always did) said in a songful voice "That's good you're done with the story...I've got a treat for everyone!" All the kids cooed with excitement. As she layed down the freshly baked goods she announced, "There you go my dears, have some of my hot cross buns!"

Thank you.

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