Dr. Pierce teaches medical ethics to medical, nursing, and allied health students and residents.

She picked up the centerpiece from the table. "Look -- someone made an action figure for Jessica Pierce."

Jessica Pierce, 19, 412 S. Broadway, was picked up at Love’s at 1:33 a.m. Tuesday on warrants out of Oklahoma County.

Our Story So Far: Teenage telekinetic fireproof mutant runaway (whew!) Jessica Pierce was rescued from the clutches of the Right by a very surprised Magneto.

Jessica Pierce - fashion costume design, performing artist, event coordinator, Dress the Goddess performance

: i would like to know more about the next scream movie!! i know thhe answer will be no but can i be i it?? please?? write back
Posted by Jessica Pierce on July 03, 1997

Dillon Carson
Laura Mcmahon
Jessica Pierce
Dustin McMullen
All Washed Up:The Battle of the Suds

The concert opened with a dramatic African carol by the Concert Chorus, O Sufuni Mungu, with brief but moving solos by Caitlin Corrigan, Sara Larson, Jessica Pierce and Erin Houle.

"There have been rumors for years that they were breaking up," 23-year-old fan Jessica Pierce said, "but this is the first time we've had official word. They were supposed to have been working on a new record, but I guess that won't happen now."

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The Paintball Players Handbook by Jessica Pierce

Jessica Pierce, 6'2"

"Basically, they're going after Bowen and in my opinion it wasn't in a fair way," said Jessica Pierce, Managing Editor of The Oracle

Free Press should not print garbage by Megan Gavin, Erica Payne, Jessica Pierce, and Betsy Rakocy

Sadly, none of these are me.

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