Concubine to Duke Leto Atreides.

She was trained by the Bene Gesserit and ordered to give the Duke a daughter to be used in the breeding program. She instead fell in love and gave him the son he wanted.

She was accepted among the Fremen and became a Reverend Mother by undergoing the spice agony. She returned to Caladan with Gurney Halleck once Paul became the Emperor.
Daughter to Vladimir Harkonnen, mother of Paul Atreides and Abomination (Alia Atreides), concubine and later mate, lover and Hetaira to Duke Leto Atreides, grandmother to Leto Atreides II and Ghanima Atreides.

Full name Lady Jessica Atreides (what she was known as before bondage to the Duke is unclear.)

Bene Gesserit and Fremen Reverend Mother.

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