Dear Sir or Madman;

I followed your directions and tried to do a Daily Evil each day just for one week. I am sorry to report I was miserable failure at it.

First I tried putting Hellcat's diaper on too tight. She didn't seem to notice. Next I let my husband eat some jello-Brand Gelatin even though he is a vegetarian, not only did he not notice, the FDA came out to say that the ingredients in jello-Brand Gelatin are not considered animal products. Finally (and most frustrating), I told one of the moms at the playground she was a bad parent and hadn't she read the books? She said no and seemed stand-offish for the rest of the day. Well that damn lady just came to my door with a big plate of Kellogg's Rice Krispy Treat Squares and a thank you note for turning her life around with my "clear, no bullshit advice".

So what could I do? Suddenly, it came to me! Who was the little person who slipped out the rear fence and into the neighbor's yard for a sip of their dog's water? Who was the little person who turned off the computer just as I was finishing my super-cool Boys got Cooties, Girls Got Brains node? Who was this little person who on the day of her birth showed her true nature so much that her parents changed her nickname that very day???

Hellcat. Thats who. So I write to ask permission from you to do a Daily Evil for one Miss Hellcat.

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