See Food and Drug Administration

FDA is also short for "Fuck Dat Ass". It is a small, yet popular set of movies that are currently hosted on

FDA originally came from a musician by the name of Shok back in 1997. The expression originally manifested itself in a short series of mp3's, but then expanded into an entire soundtrack.

A series of flash movies are associated with FDA. These were done in collaboration with some of the people behind Newgrounds. The most humorous (and possibly disguesting) of the lot contain a spoof of Soft Cell's Tainted Love:

Sometimes I feel I've got to
fuck dat ass
I've gotta reach around and grab that taint
You don't need another hole anymore
Just this one, that's for sure.
Let's get rotten to the core
Anal pumping till you're sore...

There are also some doctored pictures of celebrities on the FDA site. For instance, there are a couple pictures of Nine Inch Nails members supposedly wearing FDA shirts. A couple years ago, reported on Tom Fulp and Shok's effort to distribute FDA stickers to NIN fans leaving the concert.

Does Trent Reznor like FDA? No word or genuine pictures... yet...

FDA Swag is pretty intense, as there are lots of bumper stickers, shirts, coffee mugs, and the like floating around.

FDA's newest release is a spoof of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and has a planned release before Christmas, 2002.

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