As Opium was THE perfume of the 1978 season, with its groundbreaking $100/oz pricepoint, a much cheaper fragrance was an underground favorite, known across Europe as Hungarian Water (invented in the Dim Past), but known to New Yorkers as 'the Fox', Foxy, Foxxy, or even Foxxie, with an iconic label of Zoltar (it's unisex), taken from Battle of the Planets. What gave it its allure was, like Opium was for a time, it was banned from sale by the FDA, simply because it was easily and cheaply made at home (or by a sympathetic chemist). The problem was, in order for a Foxy provider to sell legitimately, they had to spend untold amounts of money guaranteeing that this was made according to their own draconian standards. No one dared sell it with a license, if only because everyone knew anything over $5/pint was a markup. This being the peak year of illegal drugs, Foxy passed from hand to hand, its simple recipe being:

1 oz. rose water
3 1/2 T. oil of lavender
1/2 oz. oil of cloves
6 oz. Everclear, vodka, or other alcohol.

Blend the two oils with a little alcohol until thoroughly united, beat in the remaining alcohol. Add the rose water. Bottle tightly, and mature for 6 -8 weeks. (Don't open it beforehand... it will sting.)
Light, pretty, and fresh, like you'll feel, wearing it.

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