This is not Pierre Balmain's 'Vent Vert' salad, which is Vietnamese in origin, but it is fusion, being the specialty of a certain resort in California.

This tastes like what you might imagine people might eat in a 60's version of a sensual tropical Utopia, where everyone's 25 years old, smokes herbs that give them telepathic rapport with ocelots and never has bad sex: grassy, green and citrus smells/flavors prevailing, with just a hint of cumin to give the thing body, and a whole lot of soul. No heat, but wildly exotic nonetheless, it comes with two caveats: first, it contains juniper, so it's probably not good for pregnant women. (However, if you are living in a tropical Utopia, it just might be the reason why the birth rate is so low, despite all that sex.) Second, it's just so rip-roaringly fantastic that you just might want to put it on everything, from omelet eggs to salad to hamburgers to Sunday roast chicken to leaving it out on the table in case you've missed something. This defeats its purpose, which is to be a burst of surprise on the palate, a little ta-da! Unlike heat, this is as far as green goes. Enjoy for what it is, grok, and cherish in fullness.

Grind in blender, or food processor. Please use sparingly. Good luck.

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