For Everythingians who need a mnemonic peg, or are into Magick:

Sunday is Yellow, the Color of the Sun

Monday is Crimson, the Blood of the Moon

Tuesday is Red, Blood spilt on the grass

Wednesday is Orange, The Ruler (small Sun)

Thursday is Blue, Thunder and Trickster in one

Friday is Green, Fruitfulness and Love

Saturday is Indigo, the Old Man, Magician and Lover of Fun.


The only real sticking point for many is that Mercury is Wednesday (and therefore Near Sun) and Zeus is Blue (Thunderer) in many traditions. I, on the other hand, am modern enough to conceive of a gas giant as a "little star", and therefore a reflection of Sunday, with its Apollonian/Christian associations in a smaller form, and Thor as Electricity/Science/Trickster (although Loki is a Trickster enough). Saturn is a Death God, so Saturday Night is Little Halloween (therefore a Mega-Secular Day) to be countered by Sunday, the Holy Day (Jewish E2's can make it The Great Love of G'd vs. the First Day). If an Eighth Day is needed, I'd make a second green, for the Stars, which covers every and all Three-Day Weekends.

I've yet to work out perfumes, music, etc. for each day, since there seems to be a little overlap between Monday/Thursday -- all I can definitely say is that Sunday = 4711 (true Cologne), Monday = Lavender, Tuesday = Pepper, Tobacco, Leather, Wednesday = Citrus, Thursday = herbal,aldehydes (Chanel No. 5?), Friday= Rose and/or Musk, and Saturday =Patchouli.

Anyway, have fun with this.

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