A Caldecott Medal winning book by David Wiesner, Dorothy Briley. "Tuesday evening, around eight"--The story begins innocently enough, but it soon turns surreal as various frogs hop on to lilypads and begin to ride them like magic carpets through the town, gaining momentum and new members. The fly through the town, startling people until they lose their lily pads and have to go back to wait for their next night flight.

Tues"day (?), n. [OE. Tewesday, AS. Tiwes daeg the day of Tiw the god of war; akin to OHG. Zio, Icel. Tr, L. Jupiter, Gr. ;, cf. OHG. Ziostac Tuesday, G. Dienstag, Icel. Tsdagr. See Deity, Day, and cf. Jovial.]

The third day of the week, following Monday and preceding Wednesday.


© Webster 1913.

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