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"The blindness of humanity is so great that people are actually proud of their blindness" - Saint Augustine*
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So I am graduated, and having lost my constant internet connection and oddles of procrastination time find sadly little time to come around e2. Therefore I probably will not get any message you send me, better ways to reach me are on aim, my screen name is also SophiesCat, or you can e-mail me at "As a religous problem, the problem of suffering is, paradoxically, not how to avoid suffering but how to suffer." -Clifford Geertz

*from Confessions by Saint Augustine, specifically the version translated by Henry Chadwick

When I'm at school, which I get to spend lots of time in class doodling (as it helps me focus). Sometimes I just do this on my notebooks, but sometimes I make cards out of the doodles. Should anyone want me to send them such a card, (though the written part will probably be far less exciting the the drawings) just /msg me and let me know.