Did you know that this website is still going to be here like 18 years from now and people will still be able to see this stuff?


Today I am not in a good mood.

Interesting that (I find) it is alway easiest to node daylogs when I find myself upset or annoyed. I usually resist this impulse, as I know, I hate reading through really annoying 'whimpery' daylogs. But today you can all suffer - preferably in your jocks.

Should I tell this faceless E2 all my sorrows? will it help? or should I just blithely go on remaining silent, yet grumpy. Yeah, that sounds good. I can then continue to scowl at work colleagues, and cringe when the boss walks by, proving to him, that I am daylogging and not fixing that fucked beyond repair Solaris box, that I said we shouldn't have unplugged in the 1st place.

I think (even though it's only Tuesday) that I will head to my cousins and play with the bees down there again this weekend. That should give me something to look forward to. Yes. it does. Immensely.

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens. brown paper packages tied up with string. these are a few of my favourite things. cheered up yet? no? hell knows I am! Julie Andrews where are you now? - perhaps that's the problem with the world today, we need Super Julie, the singing ex-nun, to come and take us (well me) across the mountains to Switzerland, so I can end my days, in a happy family reloading bullet cartridges. Hooray.


well things can't get any more exciting. The buildings security went off, disabling everybodies swipe cards, and locking all the doors, to all the areas. I have been stuck in the computer room for an hour. I hate airconditioning. Wonder if I'd be able to get out if there was a fire.

atleast whilst I am stuck here I can't do any other work...


I got bored, and hungry. I broke the door to get out. Nodoby had even realised I was in there, so they were a bit surprised at the computer room door flying open. heh :) small amusement there on my part.

The house is empty but for I and the gentle hum of my computer.

Today my SO has gone back to work after their two week long holiday. In two weeks I have become so used to their presence in the the house, that having them gone again is mind-numbing. The house is too empty, too bereft of their company. And this after only two weeks. I know I am lucky in that they will be back tonight, indeed they will be back every night after work. This emptiness will not last forever, and shall be over at the end of the day.

To those of you in long-distance relationships, I sympathise. If one day is emptiness, many months must be pain. Simple, exquisite, bitter-sweet pain.
May you all be with your loved ones again soon.

So I moved house on the weekend just past. After almost two years living in a pretty slummy part of town, we've moved up the hill to yuppie heaven hehe. Well, maybe not, but I have been amusing myself with that little fantasy, walking around our new digs as if I was Ricardo Montalban. The new place rocks hard. It was built by an award-winning kitchen designer, so the kitchen is absolutely to die for. And anyone who know's my dirty little habits at home will understand what a happy little Vegemite that makes me.

My new kitchen is a splendid vision in cobalt blue and honeyed timber. The range is a gas Smeg with a wok burner. Oven is electric fan-forced, sink is deep and wide and double, pantries (yep, I now have two pantries) are huge and exceedingly ergonomic, with little halogen downlights that click on when the doors open. Workspaces are deep and well surfaced. What else to say, but this is the kitchen (almost) of my dreams. I'm just so inspired to cook my best in this kitchen, which makes Gemma pretty happy all round!

The rest of the house is nice, not too big, with two bedrooms (we like guests), and another room for the office. The bathroom is almost as distinctive as the kitchen, but all sharp angles and geometrics. The garden is okay, but without a nice lawn, which being spring in the Southern Hemisphere, should be easy to rectify.

The move itself was fine, if tiring. I've spent the past fortnight packing boxes, so by the time the removalists arrived on Saturday morning, we were pretty well prepared.

In other news, Sneff came to Canberra to visit on the weekend (ack! terrible timing!) and we only had time to catch up for a coffee and a cake in Kingston. I'm looking forward to having some sushi with him and Dr Evil in Sydney on Friday night..

Now, what to cook for dinner tonight!

Daydream Visions

I woke up with you
In a house in the woods
on a dirt road
with memories of past lives.

"Be careful of all those people."
She cried the advice
From her car, driving away.

I blew her a kiss,but she didn't see.
Shadows spiraled around my feet as I walked away
face first into the stiff night breeze.

I'm following instinct into the forrest with tears in my eyes, and my feet bloodied and raw. I'm tromping through the underbrush, I'm launching through the atmosphere.
Just imagine the blue sky above the forrest canopy. I feel so alive, so close to the earth. Voices from dream-life derail my train of thought, giving me sweet memories.

Now I'm in bed, and the day is over, and I wonder what I did all day. Sometimes, when I'm ready to sleep, I forget the significance of my actions.
It's daylog time, time to assess your situation, Miles, make tomorrow mean it.
When specifying today's date with ISO format (20011002, see date formats) or American "short format" (10022001), today's date is actually a palindrome.

This is happening for the first time since December 31, 1321 (13211231/12311321). The next time is January 2, 2010 (20100102/01022010).*

(Yes, I have too much time on my hands...)

*) Disclaimer: I figured these ones out quite quickly, and there may be others I haven't thought of. Please /msg me if you find I'm wrong.

Everything2 grows frustrating and more every day yes?

Toasterleavings where are you with your wisdoms? I fucking suck and am needing them bad, yes.

Yes yes yes. No?

I removed my name from the list of mentors yesterday and today I added my name to the list of mentees although as of my writing I have not been assigned a mentor. I'm the coolest mentee there is, G. It seems that as I stayed the same e2 has changed and that I am not aware of these new protocol and procedure that are necessary for survive. No I do not write normal like that but trying hard to stay whimsical so I don't piss off okay???

Why does e2 hate on deaf people with the lyrics?!?

Yes, yes, yes. Today I wrote a node about telemarketers in a metaphorical fashion as I was trying to share a universal experience.

I mean telemarketers call us every day trying to sell us aluminum siding and to let us know we have a bill due in six months and to harass us but we all know it is only because they love us, and I was trying to express this. But either I did not express it well or I suck because it was nuked because it belongs in a daylog or so he say.

But yes we should return the love and tell your local telemarketer live from sweden (even though you live in Atlanta or somewhere that is not anywhere near sweden) that you love them for caring and for checking up on you even if they are too busy to leave a message because that kind of dedication is rare to find in people, yes? Granted you cannot pick up the phone and call them this instant but you know they will give you a ring, lovey dovey.

Sad sad sad the world is today. Soon we go to war and blow things up. Fun but not Funny is killing people or fighting wars and even then it's only fun until someone starts shooting at you. It's like Up Front that comic that they had during World War II yes? No. No war is different and it will never be the same because we don't fight wars like they are wars. They are gigantic media spectacles that introduce new terminology like incursion and body count and saturation bombing. Questions of National Will and we will only fight until America stops caring, not like it matters that we protect our citizens as long as everyone gets elected and has a cupcake.

China Beach sucks but actually you know Ricki Lake was not that bad looking in it, really. Why did they ever give her a talkshow? Sleeping her fat butt to the top I assume. Hey I would do that too because when you are fat you release more endorphins or whatever that chemical is that gives you pleasure during the horizontal polka than if you are skinny. Hurrah for fat, baby.

Soon the world will explode because the speed of light is slowing we all get crazy. Thank you have a nice day.
Update I am happy because the editor in question apologised for his nuking because he realised his nuking as perhaps unwarranted even though he had no reason to apologise because really we all have off days and off moments which is perfectly natural and normal and he just made an honest mistake which is perfectly natural and stuff and hes a cool dude and stuff and I am enjoying my poor sentance structure spelling and grammar thank you But I annoyed another editor because My browser was going crazy and I was asking him all sorts of dumb questions like "Does e2 do this" and he was like "NO OF COURSE IT DOESN'T OMG ARE YOU DENSE?" because I was asking variations of the same question over and over again although i didn't realise it and oct is japanese for something or an abbreviation phonetically etc. and I was like "yes. :(" But I realised my err and apologised because i'm a silly silly fool. Thank you goodnight don't let the sex monsters bite.
Update I have recieved my mentor he she is metacognizant and one of my first problems is making assumptions yes? She is very nice and helpful and writes good poetry to boot. Thank you and as nrub etinifni says, "GOOD DAY SIR."

I had some thoughts here about 9-11, but they seem so stale now. Best forgotten.

My father had a heart attack today. Thankfully, it wasn't fatal, Though he isn't out of the woods yet. Tommorrow morning they're going to do a cardiac catherization. If there is only one blockage than they're going to do an angioplasty (sp?). If there is more than one blockage though... they're going to do open heart surgery; something that I'm not sure that my dad's in good enough shape to survive.

When it rains it pours

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