Daydream Visions

I woke up with you
In a house in the woods
on a dirt road
with memories of past lives.

"Be careful of all those people."
She cried the advice
From her car, driving away.

I blew her a kiss,but she didn't see.
Shadows spiraled around my feet as I walked away
face first into the stiff night breeze.

I'm following instinct into the forrest with tears in my eyes, and my feet bloodied and raw. I'm tromping through the underbrush, I'm launching through the atmosphere.
Just imagine the blue sky above the forrest canopy. I feel so alive, so close to the earth. Voices from dream-life derail my train of thought, giving me sweet memories.

Now I'm in bed, and the day is over, and I wonder what I did all day. Sometimes, when I'm ready to sleep, I forget the significance of my actions.
It's daylog time, time to assess your situation, Miles, make tomorrow mean it.