The atmosphere is the gas that surrounds a planet. It can be full of nice Oxygen, like on Earth, or it can be really windy, like Neptune, or really stormy, like Jupiter, or really dense and sweaty, like Venus. Or it can not exist, like the moon.


The Earth's atmosphere surrounds the planet. It is a thin, clear, yet heavy ocean of air above our heads. It weighs down about 3 kg/cm². The atmosphere also protects the Earth. Comets, meteorites, dust, and other things burn up due to friction in the mesosphere. The atmosphere also keeps the Earth warm, acting like a blanket, due to the greenhouse effect.

When the Earth was forming it lost a lot of heat and volcanic gasses. Some of these gasses were kept close to the Earth by gravity. The composition of the atmosphere is as follows:

  Nitrogen: 78%
  Oxygen: 21%
  Argon: 0.93%
  Water Vapor: 0-4%
  Other Traces: ?%
  Carbon Dioxide: 0.03%

The above are give/take figures. The atmospheric composition is not exact. The sky will not fall if there is 79% nitrogen instead of 78%.

Earth's atmosphere is made of many layers. They are as follows:

  closest layer to Earth
  contains weather/clouds/smog/75% of all of Earth's gasses/dust/ice/water

Stratosphere: little temperature variation through stratosphere converts oxygen into ozone Ozone protects us from UV rays

Mesosphere: melts meteors/space dust

Thermosphere: contains ionosphere ionosphere reflects radio waves at night/absorbs them during the day

Exosphere: H and He molecules escape from the exosphere into outer space exosphere is The Edge there is no fine distinction between the end of the exosphere and the start of space

Well, that's pretty much it for the atmosphere.

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Releases that I know about include:
Ford One (vinyl EP)
Ford Two (vinyl EP)
Overcast! (CD LP and vinyl/cassette EP)
The Lucy (vinyl double EP)
Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs (CD LP)
Godlovesugly (CD LP)
Seven's Travels (CD LP)
You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having (CD (LP))

At"mos*phere (#), n. [Gr. vapor (akin to Skr. atman breath, soul, G. athem breath) + sphere: cf. F. atmosphere. See Sphere.]

1. Physics (a)

The whole mass of aeriform fluid surrounding the earth; -- applied also to the gaseous envelope of any celestial orb, or other body; as, the atmosphere of Mars.


Any gaseous envelope or medium.

An atmosphere of cold oxygen. Miller.


A supposed medium around various bodies; as, electrical atmosphere, a medium formerly supposed to surround electrical bodies.



The pressure or weight of the air at the sea level, on a unit of surface, or about 14.7 Ibs. to the sq. inch.

Hydrogen was liquefied under a pressure of 650 atmospheres. Lubbock.


Any surrounding or pervading influence or condition.

The chillest of social atmospheres. Hawthorne.


The portion of air in any locality, or affected by a special physical or sanitary condition; as, the atmosphere of the room; a moist or noxious atmosphere.


© Webster 1913.

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