Atmosphere is also a Minneapolis based hip hop group on the Rhymesayers Entertainment label. On stage it's Slug, Eyedea and DJ Abilities, while in the studio it's pretty much just Slug, with production by Ant. Known for Slug's introspective rhymes over an eclectic mix of beats, the prolific Slug supposedly writes a dozen songs a week. Best summed up by The Onion AV Club's Nathan Rabin in his review of Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs:

"Half comedy, half tragedy, Atmosphere's Lucy Ford suggests what Eminem's Marshall Mathers LP might have sounded like had Eminem worked through his homophobia, violence, and misogyny in therapy, read more books, and stuck around a Midwest college town for way too long."
Releases that I know about include:
Ford One (vinyl EP)
Ford Two (vinyl EP)
Overcast! (CD LP and vinyl/cassette EP)
The Lucy (vinyl double EP)
Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs (CD LP)
Godlovesugly (CD LP)
Seven's Travels (CD LP)
You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having (CD (LP))