I've tried talking with so many of the people I know about this new War on Terrorism. Instead of becoming a flag waiver, and instead of having antiwar sentiments, I've just been sitting in front of my television absorbing information while watching CNN. And then pondering how things will play out over the next few weeks, months, or years. And so far whenever I breach the subject with someone, they've gone off on a tangent that didn't really deal with the aspects I'm so curious about.

I called up Zoe, this really cool girl I know, and started talking about it with her. For the first time today I found someone whose thoughts and curiosities about the whole situation were perfectly in tune with my own. It was as if we were one person speaking a monologue on the subject, and just kept alternating between each few phrases.

Some people are more concerned about the issues surrounding how Muslim Americans are being treated in reaction to the attacks. Some people are more concerned about the issues of how safe it is to travel or have fun in a big city. And still others are more concerned with the nastiness of collateral damage that would result from waging war on Afghanistan. But I'm more concerned about the social and political situations that made these terrorists feel the way that they do, and am finding myself pondering just how intricate and difficult of a solution we'd need. And I think about the consequences of whether or not the solution our government goes for is adequate enough to solve the problem at its root. It seems like Zoe's thoughts are exactly the same, and I'm thoroughly impressed by that.