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Why I upvote literary works on Everything2

I've been around on Everything for a while, but some things still puzzle me. There is so much good reference material lying around, from Windows Error Lookup Guide and The E2 Emacs Reference Guide, via Magic: The Database, to literary classics, like most of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. What puzzles me is how few votes these kind of writeups seem to gain. Is this stuff not interesting?

I started thinking about this after noding a couple of classical, literary works myself. My Håvamål nodes have an average reputation of just above 0, though most of the nodes have been C!ed. Ibsen's play An Enemy of the People did not get the overwhelming reception I had hoped for. Still, I think these and others are works that should exist in Everything. Being able to look up The Book of the Damned or read War of the Worlds through E2 is, IMHO, part of what E2 is all about.

To conclude
Node Integration and Cut-and-Paste Writeups Will Die aside, as long as a literary work is in the public domain (see The Everything Copyright Problem), it is my strong opinion that it belongs in Everything. This is why I've now made a pledge to myself: To always upvote literary works when I stumble across them. If they are too poorly formatted or integrated, I'd /msg the author about it.

E2 is what you make of it.

Update 27 Feb 2005, on explicating lyrics:
What's so special about lyrics? There is so much non-original material on E2. The The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, poems, fairy tales, the periodic table, straight facts about the planets, the CIA World Factbook, ... I could go on. None of that is original material. In fact, most factual nodes aren't.
There's no difference between noding a poem and noding lyrics. Both are really just purely factual, so as long as copyrights aren't violated, I think they are very worth having in the database.
Should you explicate your lyrics? Not in any larger degree than you explicate a poem. Or a list of information about an element. Of course, if you have something to say, that's good, but if you don't, the factual information is still valuable. Other noders can always add more information if they have anything to say. That's the whole point of how Everything 2 works.

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