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My only comfort is the night gone black.
Biology is life, the rest is just details - Erin
The Booze Council in affiliation with the Kentucky Nightmare Talkshow Liquor Corporation, since 1802
the vodka is good but the meat is rotten.
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September 28, 2007
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I am Engaged!

I FINALLY graduate in two weeks. So there.

Please, do not send me messages on spelling, grammar or any other kinds of errors. I will not change it. Save your time.

Current Up-to-date Fall '08 Classes:

  • Monday
  • 0700 - 1500 - Med Surg Clinical

  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • 0930 - 1345 Nursing classes

  • Wednesday
  • 1200 - 1600 - Peds Clinical

Thou shalt give equal worth to tragedies that occur in non-English speaking countries as to those that occur in English speaking countries.

We've discovered an unseen war.

One American sleeping in the streets for one Ugandan, and thousands for the thousands.

We've seen our country change minds and change history but there is more to change.

We've beem called idealists but our ideals are becoming reality.

We're demanding justice, and we're starting with Northern Uganda

End to Joseph Kony's terrors.

End to night commuting.

End to child abduction.

End to 20 years of war in Uganada.

End to America's indifferance.

End a war.

Where you live shouldn't determine if you live.

Send me postcards; I need them!!!

3045 Residence Dr.

Crossings 1102B

Toledo, OH 43606

Remember, my friendship with you depends on it

* * * * * * * * * * *

ps. please include your name on the post card so that I can credit you, and so that I don't get really really confused

I just bought real estate in your mind

Another new project. Ok guys, it's up to you to help me. I have been making hats for bald kids (you know, the ones you see on TV for St. Jude's, the chemo kids). But, I need more yarn. I am starting to run out of options. Look in your attic, everyone has a couple of extra balls of yarn. Pull out the nice ones, the ones that aren't moth eaten, or baby colors... and mail them to me. You know you want to. Do it for the kids! /Msg me for my address.

Andromache01 totally wins the "I'll have yarn to you by the end of the week!" award! Amazing yarn! 4 balls of soooper soft pink yarn, one ball of blue, one ball of red! Gonna have some greatful kids!

yclept sent me some REALLY pretty yarn! A nice ball of black, some fantastic rainbow/black mix! Purple homespun! Some nice black! Exciting stuff!

Angela sent me this HUGE box full of sport weight, and all sorts of lovely colors!! Such a large veriety! I have so much yarn now!

Oh Man! I am SO excited about the responce I have received. Thank you to all the people who have pledged to dig through their attics and mail me yarn! You guys are the best!

Thanks guys for all of your help, you've all been great! I don't have time to do this anymore, but I look forward to picking it up again when I graduate.

Shame on us, doomed from the start

May God have mercy on our dirty little hearts

I need your lovin'

like the sunshine

and to my dried out branches, you brought the springtime rain of a new life; and nothing is impossible for you.

Like a used bandaid, I peel you from my mind.

And I guess I just wanted to tell you,

As the lights start to fade,

That you are the reason that I am not afraid.

I'm on my hands and knees, I want so much to believe...

  • Level Two as of Aug. 3, 2002.
  • Level Three as of Oct. 19th, 2002. (heh. thank you honor roll
  • Level Four as of December 29th, 2003.
  • Ninjagirls as of Dec. 17th, 2002.
  • Edev as of Dec. 19th, 2002
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  • Got a mentor as of March 15th, 2003
  • Old as of May 2nd, 2003
  • Graduated the mentoring program as of May 12, 2004
  • Almost struck by lightening, but alive as of Aug. 13th, 2005
  • Accepted to Nursing School at the University of Toledo as of Jan. 4th, 2007
  • Graduation slated for Dec. 08! -or-

Strawberry Frog says Thank you, o technogothic solophobic biology instructress (in training).

ouroboros says If you were a drink, I think you would be black vodka, creme d'cacao, bailey's irish creme.

17:25 teferi nocte is right
17:25 teferi she brings the science++

Nocte EKW 3.0 Now with more color!*

ekw_headingfont="Gill Sans MT,Verdana,Helvetica,Arial";
ekw_logofont="Gill Sans MT,Verdana,Helvetica,Arial";
ekw_textfont="Gill Sans MT,Verdana,Helvetica,Arial";

*-by which I mean, black and white people... I need to figure out where the yellow is coming from.

People I would call my friends whom I have never met.

asofel+ * no one+ * ocelotbob+ * Palpz * toalight

People I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life.

00100 * accipiter * Andrew Aguecheek * Andromache01 * Apatrix * avalyn * BAR * Becca * birdlace * Bitca * BJuarez * brassmule * Brooksmarlyn * borgo * borgette * cahla * cbustapeck+ * ccunning * chancel * ch'i-lin+ * chris-o+ * clampe * Claypenny * Cletus the Foetus+ * conventional oven * Cowboyneal * Cowofdoom * Czarkhan * czeano * Dann+ * disgruntled wren * dizzy * eien_meru * elephino * enth * evadyne * feldar * Fone_Op+ * Frankie+ * gwenllian * Iconoplast+ * indigoe * izubachi * jessicapierce * Jethro_Bodine+ * jmc * jurph * karma debt * Karmaflux * katyana * Ladysun+ * LaggedyAnne * liha * LX+ * machfive * mcc * ModernAngel+ * mordel+ * Natchlucid * ninjapenguin * Nora+ * no springs * noah pierce+ * ophie * panamaus * Phyllis Stein * Pint * Pitcher+ * qousqous * QXZ+ * radlab0 * Scribe+ * segnbora-t * spackle * tandex+ * teferi * Templeton * thefez * Tiefling+ * two_sheds * Transitional Man * void_ptr * Walter+ * witchiepoo * wonkodsane * Wuukiee * zophos * zot-fot-piq

+-talked to on the phone

Gatherings Attended:

Two States Five Senses an apple gathering * Atlanta Partie * HOT DAMN 3! nodestock * A Tail of Two Monkeys * An Impromptu Atlanta Gathering * Hot Damn 4

LX y00 d4 gr4mm3r q33n!! !!!! !11 !!1! 11 !

" Yes, spring is insidious and cunning. It's enough to make me go outside and everything." - Fruan

@ Halspal Never mollycoddle a lollygagger or you'll end up with a Flibbertigibbet.

ouroboros Iconoplast++
ouroboros Iconoplast++
nocte iconoplast++
* Iconoplast rages against the bad grammar.

23:25 jbo welp, gotta go pick up my lady soon. reckon i should finish this beer.
23:25 jbo and, one more cigarette
5 Iconoplast might as well pour another glass of bourbon while you're at it.
23:25 jbo not yet, i need som'n to drink in the car
23:25 Dis heh

jbo just because i like someone is not a real reason to not kill them
jbo it's a rationalization.

jetfro 18 grains per cubic meter of air
czeano 18ppm
econoline jetfro is right.
econoline under 30 is "low"
jetfro usually it's around 9000 or so in the springtime
czeano 18 pounds per milliliter
nocte at what point can you see the pollen?
czeano nocte: how good are your eyes?
jetfro were > 500 is "pollen alert level purple: don't go
outside or breathe"
nocte with or without glasses?
jetfro seriously, for about 3 weeks in march it's
seriously above 5000 every day

"I'm trying to tell you."
"You can tell me better if you sit next to me."
"I can tell you from where I am."
Rolf leaned back and hit his head on the canvas bag, making her laugh. 
He pushed it aside, looked at her, brown eyes holding grey ones.  
"Please come here, Tilla.  I want to kiss you.  
Remember I promised to teach you how to kiss, or have you learned in 
the meantime?"  When she didn't answer, he looked suddenly sad, a 
pale, vulnerable boy who asked quietly, "Don't you love me anymore?  
Is there someone else?"
She shook her head and slowly came around the bike.  
"I still love you.  I thought about you all the time.  It's just..."

Snuggled up against each other, they told their secrets, whispered 
their hopes for the future, as if too loud a word might rip the 
fragile threads, tear down the dreams of Steinway on parquet floor,
easel under skylight... They held each other, as if their combined 
warmth could hatch these images and make them real.
"Tilla" by Ilse Koehn

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