When: February 28, 2003 - March 2, 2003
Where: My place and various other Atlanta Locations.
Why: Do you really need a reason?

So here's the deal. I want to have a party. I have a pretty big apartment and nothing to do that weekend so I figure why not have a bunch of overly intelligent people come hang out and entertain me. I will have different kinds of beer and alcohol around but if you have something specific that you prefer then bring it with you. I'll have food and stuff too but feel free to bring that kind of stuff.

The actual party will be the night of March 1. People are welcome to sleep at my place as early as Friday night and you can stick around till whenever on Sunday. I'll be available by 6pm at the latest on Friday but possibly earlier. There will also be other noders around so just let me know what you need and we'll work around it. Standard practice applies, msg me if you are coming and let me know if you need a place to stay.

Contact Info/Directions

678-522-4766 - This is my cell phone. I have it with me 99% of the time. If I don't answer right away it is either because I'm in the sack with a hot chick or I'm on the shitter. Either way, just leave a message. KTHX

In order to get a map to my place use http://maps.yahoo.com. Once you get to the apt. complex, which should be pretty easy cause it's the first complex on the right once you cross Pleasantdale Road, go to the right and use the call box to look for Patrick Chapman. Dial the associated number on the box and it will ring my cell phone and I will let you in. I am in apt. 5106.

Apt. Complex Address
7100 Dawson Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30340

Not sure. I figure the main activity will be hanging out. Everything else will depend on the number of people that we have. There is plenty of stuff we can do and we'll just play it by ear. If you have any specific requests let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Trip to R. Thomas has been requested. We'll have to see how feasible it is depending on number of people.

Dann has suggested a nodeslam. We don't really have time to do the voting system Walter dreamed up for the last one so just pick a node you want to read aloud on Saturday night and be prepared. If you want to hear something specific from someone just /msg them with the request.

Okay, the nodeslam is on full force. Everyone who wants to participate should send me three nodes they want to read. The nodes need to be in my inbox by the end of the day server time on 2/16. Voting for nodes to be read will commence on 2/17.

nocte is bringing some new fangled camera type device that works with floppy disks. If you want some pictures taken to take home then bring a floppy or two.

Here's the shitty disclaimer part. I don't live in a dorm so the rules aren't as tight as they were last time but I need some semblence of order. The rules are as follows:
  1. Underage corruption will not take place.
  2. No drinking and driving.
  3. I reserve the right to hide your keys.
  4. No hospital trips.
I know your looking at the rules and thinking "well that sounds like a trip to boresville". It will still be fun and the rules are mostly to cover my ass. I'm not going to babysit but I expect everyone to be mature and take care of themselves.


Those of you who will be staying with a noder here in town may need the following equipment: If you aren't staying with myself or some other local noder and you want a hotel I thought I would lend a hand. If you want to stay somewhere near my place then try the following hotel. I can't vouch for it's quality but here you go.

Comfort Inn
2001 Clearview Ave
Atlanta, GA 30340
(770) 280-2983

If you want to stay in the "downtown" area, which is near jethro bodine and company then pretty much any hotel listed as being in Atlanta would be suitable. The action will be all over the place so your lodging all boils down to personal preference. If you have a particular hotel you want to stay in and you are wondering if you are close to a noder residence just /msg me and I'll let you know.

Phyllis Stein says here's a hot tip for your gathering that helped me out last time: there is a Crowne Plaza hotel off of Abernathy Rd. in North Atlanta that charges $185 per night. BUT if you tell them that you are in town to visit the First Baptist Church of Atlanta, they will give you a room for $65. nice deal, eh?

I didn't think it would come this but I present the Maybe folk
Not coming but wishes he could and demanded his own category
Not coming
Assignments were made via psuedo random choice. /msg me if you want to stay elsewhere. Don't worry if you aren't listed as staying with someone, there is plenty more space.
* - Staying at El Casino de Mentiras
& - Staying with Iconoplast
! - Staying with jessicapierce
% - Staying at The Engine Room
# - Staying at Accipiter's place

These are the nodeslam participants and their elligible nodes. As you can see I have numbered the nodes for each participant. Please commence voting at your leisure. I would like the votes to be sent to me in the following format (variables are in all caps): USERNAME: NODENUMBER, USERNAME: NODENUMBER, etc. For those of you who still haven't caught on an example would be Spackle: 1 which would be a vote for the first writeup listed under Spackle. You have until 2/27 to vote so take your time.

  1. Wheelchair Tricks: The Drinking Approach
  2. How to use an escalator in a wheelchair
  3. Strange things homeless people (urban outdoorsmen) have said to me.
  1. Carthage
  2. Dmitri Mendeleev
  3. A Sample Wedding Ceremony
  1. A Mucha girl
  2. Punish me with kisses
  3. Dream Log: January 31, 2003
  1. Limburger
  2. I love you even when I am heartless
  3. Tweeker
  1. Life isn't a box of raisins
  2. How to get rid of spiders before they get rid of YOU
  3. I'm related to people I don't relate to
  1. Using a Jedi Mind Trick on State Troopers
  2. Is it better to run or walk in the rain?
  1. Futility
  2. Pretending to be Webster 1913 to score at parties
  1. ON losing my strip club cherry
  2. Rockefeller Drug Laws
  3. How to Fall Out of Love
  1. my first protest
  2. soar winner
  3. See jane. See jane run.
  1. Jews for Jesus followed my friend Yosef into a single-toilet restroom

I swam in your toilet, and fucked you over twice. Gimme my wheelchairs, fool: A Aftermath

Copied almost verbatim on Accipiter.org. It says what I wanted to say. Nyah.

Yet another E2 gathering, this time hosted by our good buddy Spackle. Twas a lot of fun for the two out of three days I participated. I was unfortunately absent on the third day, as I needed sleep for work today. Here's a recap:

Thursday: Woke up at 23:30 to get ready for work.

Friday: Went to work from 00:00 to 08:00, then went home. Called Spackle in the morning to ask what time would be good to arrive, was told around 20:00 or 21:00. I attempted sleep, however I decided that to maintain my schedule for work coupled with the fact that I only slept about an hour total during my attempt, it would probably be prudent to stay awake; not that I had a choice anyway. Played some fighter jet game for my PS2, did some last-minute milling about the house, and played on IRC and the web.

I ended up hitting Spackle's place at around 20:30, and met up with him and Scribe. Watched 'The Big Lebowski' and one or two other movies before a few more noders arrived.

Saturday: We hung out for awhile continuing the evening from Friday, as we awaited the arrival of more people, and eventually led a convoy containing Conventional Oven, Bitca, and Zophos back to my apartment for sleep at around 04:30. Apparently, sleep came easy to everyone in my apartment but me. I didn't sleep at all.

After breakfast, playing some Mortal Kombat II in my living room, viewing some funny video clips, and other fun, we ventured back to Spackle's place at around 14:00. More people showed up, and more movies were watched including 'Donnie Darko', and 'The Princess Bride'. We attempted to watch a movie called 'The Rules of Attraction' that disgruntledwren brought with her, but it sucked.

The final group of new arrivals finally showed up, and the party continued. A few rounds of 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City' were played on the Playstation 2, as well as some of a snowboarding game on the XBox of which I do not remember the name. (I think it was 'SSX Tricky' or something similar.)

Sunday: By now, fatigue was beating the shit out of me, as I'd been working on a single hour of sleep since Thursday night. At around 02:30, I said my goodbyes to everyone I could find, and we finally retired back to my apartment for more sleep. This time, I was definitely able to get some rest. I woke up at around 08:00, and started transferring the pictures from my camera to the network. I compressed them that morning, then led Bitca back to Spackle's place for the big noder breakfast. I was unfortunately unable to attend Sunday's festivities as Accipiter needed sleep badly (Accipiter was about to die), so after getting Bitca to Spackle's house safely, I went back home, transferred the pictures to the webserver, and went right to bed. I woke up at 23:30, and went to work where I'm writing this entry.

Memorable Moments:

  • Having a clean and organized apartment for the first time in awhile.
  • Amazing myself to death by finding Spackle's apartment without any mistakes whatsoever.
  • Watching (and understanding!) Donnie Darko. Some people didn't believe me that I actually 'got it', but I do. I'll explain it to those who want to know what I think, but I won't put it here to avoid spoilers.
  • Seeing the sign made by Jethro_Bodine to greet Cow of Doom at the airport.
  • Hearing, quite possibly, the funniest moment in recent memory when WonkoDSane asked Dann to wear a gorilla suit while performing his upcoming wedding after my suggestion that Dann use the phrase "Holy Matrimonkey."
  • Proving unequivocally, with several witnesses, that I actually do have excellent moonwalking ability.
  • Briefly rolling around in Spackle's wheelchair introducing myself as him.
  • The Robot Cake.
  • Discussing the finer points of miscellaneous stuff with _the_devil_ while attempting to lie comfortably on a dual canvas chair.
  • Praising the virtues of the DeLorean along with Noah, and in contradiction to WonkoDSane.
  • Drawing the Superman logo in Dann's mini-notebook.
  • Discussing fatigue-induced hallucinations with the pantry door, as well as several noders (who may or may not have been imagined) in Spackle's kitchen.
  • Watching, with a certain amount of trepidation, Cow of Doom pour an entire package of Pop Rocks into his Coca-Cola.
  • Seeing birdlace's most recent noder-related film, compiled from footage from the Sparta gathering, as well as a second viewing of 'Jurph should not be allowed to play with fireworks: The Movie'.

Chalk up another mark for yet another fun E2 gathering. As I said in a message to the usergroup, gatherings mean a lot to me, as I get to see everyone. I like having friends, and grew up with less than I'd have liked. Thanks for being mine; you all rock.

And a big tremendous thanks to Spackle for hosting this party. You rock too.

Pictures: http://www.accipiter.org/gallery/browser/index.pl?album=partie

Your First Gathering: A Noder's Guide to Meeting Other Noders

Or, Bring me my monocle. I want to look rich.

So I got sick of being neurotic and decided to fight back. No more refused invitations, no more cancelled plans. I was going to an partie and I was going to have fun, whether I liked it or not. They call Atlanta teh Hotlanta. I didn't find it to be that exactly, but I'll allow as there are some nice folks there.

1. Find yourself a near-by, nice, patient, and more meet-experienced noder than yourself. Like pitcher. That way you don't have to travel alone.

2. Promise to make them brownies. Do not wait until the last moment to make them, or you will be driving down Route 3 with a pan of hot brownies in your passenger seat.

3. Do not give directions that involve any Wal*Mart. Because there are very many. And they're all right off the highway. When you do finally meet at the McDonald's near that Wal*Mart, make sure the kitties stay in the car. Somehow My-butt escaped and tried to order cheeseburgers while the rest of us were barrelling down the interstate.

4. Eat gummy bears. Drink Pepsi One. Talk about everything. Stop in Metropolis for gas and/or cheesy souvenirs.

5. Sleep on someone's comfy couch. If a stranger wakes you up and invites you to go kayaking, YOU SAY NO.

6. Okay, go meet some noders. They'll all be playing video games and talking about stuff you probably don't know anything about, but smile and act like you're following every conversation at once. No, wait. Fuck that. Go find dann. Because not only will he be fun to talk to, but he gives excellent hugs and he's got the most interesting things to say.

7. Noders like to bring nice things. This one and that one gave me legos and a mouse! This one and that one gave me tattoos and stickers. This one made a mix cd for everyone and that one made a brilliant sign that said SHOW US YER TITS.

They also like to cook breakfast and bake fabulous treats including, but not limited to, big-ass cookies, brownies, and a bitchin' robot cake. All this and more, more full of deliciousness than a chicken fried twinkie wrapped in bacon with melted butter sauce for dippin'!

8. Giggle with ninjapenguin. Sing with jurph. Couch with Iconoplast and nocte. Chill with Scribe. Eat with cow of doom. Share a floor space with avalyn and 00100. Talk with NoahPierce, listen to spackle and WonkoDSane.

Stick your boobies into the mouth of the magical golden sockpuppet™. He will bring you riches beyond your wildest dreeeeeeeeeeeeams. Once will has felt you up nice and proper, meet everyone and feel like you've known them all your life.

9. Hug julia. Drink Pabst Blue Ribbon. If one doesn't make you drunk with happiness, the other will.

10. Have a good time, let yourself feel joy. They say you can never go home again, but I doubt that.

Can you believe they have these gathering things like, on a regular basis?

Thanks guys. I really needed that.

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