Yes!!! Africa is at last being represented in the all-exciting-Everything-2-get-together-o-rama. And what better place than Madagascar, with it's luscious rainforests, exciting and unusual flora and fauna, lovely white beaches, and a never ending supply of coconuts.

But on quick inspection, it seems that no noders are actually from Madagascar. Oh.

So I've taken it upon myself to organise the first unbelievably exciting Madagascar get-together!!!!!

Hooray!!!! Whistles and general excitement!!!!!

Okay. On slightly deeper inspection, nobody has actually ever heard of anyone who has ever been to or physically seen Madagascar, even from an aeroplane, or even in satellite photgraphs. But I'm pretty sure it exists, in some ocean near Africa, and there are probably people living there, so it'll be okay.

On Madagascar. Um. Okay, I think there are planes that reach it, but I haven't been able to actually find a map, so let's just say in Joey's Bar. There's ALWAYS a Joey's Bar, everywhere. Should there not be such a bar, though, we'll meet at the first hut when you get off the plane. Actually, when I think about it, nobody's going to come anyway, so I'll just hold the bloody get-together on the runway. I mean, how bad can the plane traffic be in Madagascar! Get real!!!
Look, you're not coming anyway, so what do you care. It'll be sometime in September, whenever there's a flight there. Oh hold on, hold on, I just found out there are no scheduled flights to Madagascar anyway. Oh who cares? I'll just take the first damn flight I can. The get-together will be when I bloody land.

How do I get there?
Oh, like it makes a difference? You're not coming anyway. And BY THE WAY, if you paid attention, you would have noticed that I already fucking wrote how to get there.

Who is definitely going to be there?

Who will maybe be there?

Who will probably not come, but there is a slight chance that they will?

All-fucking right!! I'll go. But you're NOT invited. Screw you. With your bloody condescending attitude. I've had it with you and the likes of you. You're NOT WELCOME!!!!!
What will we do?
Lie on the beaches and drink coconut juice. I haven't actually been able to verify that there are coconuts in Madagascar, but according to the description at the top of this node, there should be, so I'll take my word for it.

Okay, so just as my plans where extremely on their way, I found out there is NOT actually a place called Madagascar. It was apparently some stupid hoax started by Columbus or someone, and sort of went on from there, getting drawn on maps and stuff.

So forget it. If you want, you can come over to my house tonight instead. I've got a new bottle of Jack Daniels.

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