Place Water in a container.

Place in Freezer for several hours. While you are waiting for your ice, you may want to try activities such as watching paint dry, watching the grass grow, or other methods of procrastination.

Actually, there's more options available for ice. Try freezing Kool Aid or lemonade, or perhaps some iced tea. If you like chewing on ice cubes (like my youngest daughter), you can have a cheap refreshing block of tasty cool. If you hate adding ice to your beverages because it waters the drink down, try making custom ice cubes made from that beverage (like lemonade ice cubes in a glass of lemonade).

SkiBum5 says: You might want to discourage crunching on ice, the cold makes teeth prone to breakage or cracking (and that aint fun).

To make sure your ice ends up crystal clear, start with warm water.

Make sure you never put too much hot stuff in your freezer or fridge as this may damage it. Feel free to try this a friend's house.

Personally, I prefer the following:
  1. Take a cup. (I use a small plastic mug... something similar should work as well. Try not to use glass or ceramic, as it spoils the taste.)
  2. Fill it up to about 3 mm. below the rim. Then, place in freezer.
  3. Check in every ten minutes or so... You're looking for a protective coating of ice that seals the entire mouth of the cup to a thickness of about a millimeter.
  4. Remove cup from freezer.
  5. Using an index finger, tap the icy covering so it shatters in an extremely satisfying way.
  6. Drink.

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