So my friend Yosef is on his way to the restroom at the local stealth-kosher restaurant -- in fact, the only kosher restaurant in town -- and a well-dressed chap speaks to him, saying, "You're Jewish, aren't you?"

Well, sure. Yosef wears a black hat, has tzitzit coming out of his garments. All he lacks is a neon sign declaring, "Hebrew Spoken Here."

Yosef hesitantly says, "um, yes, I am Jewish," and tries to politely disengage from the conversation, says something like, "have a nice day," nods, and moves off towards the restroom.

The well-dressed chap follows him, and without much of a preamble, identifies himself as with Jews for Jesus. Would Yosef like some literature? Or, better, would he like to come to services some time?

At this point Yosef is really uncomfortable. He's gotta pee, and he doesn't have much to say to this guy. "Thanks," he says, "but I'm not interested. Take care." He quickly steps off into the restroom, feeling victorious.

He turns around to close the door, and the dude has followed him in. This would be odd in any circumstances, but even more odd here: the restroom is of the single-toilet variety!

"Please," Yosef says. "I'm not interested, and, um, I would like to use the restroom."

Mr. Jews for Jesus grins and says, "Good, then. We'll talk when you're finished." He then remains in the restroom!

At which point Yosef flees the restaurant gibbering insanely.

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