Fire and Air. That's one way to sum up Nodestock.

Fire: we like to melt glass, we like to cast fireball, we like to cook things, we like to smoke, we like to roast our faces hands knees, we like to make walking sticks, we like clay, we like the stars.

We like to ride our atavism down into the dark, compelled, circling the flames and "No shit, there I was!", "they would bring them detailed models of the Minuteman as gifts," "your mother and a goat!", "and there was a hook!", "holy shit, a talking dog!", "the buzzard would spread its wings and have one brief, shining moment", "♫ oh, you drunk, you drunk, you silly drunk...♫",

Air: there were people in the sky, falling toward us. there were biplanes buzzing us straight outta World War I. there was a constant, southerly breeze. there was smoke aplenty. there were hacked rocketplanes doing loop-the-loops and off-the-shelf model missiles FWISH!ing into the sky. there were gnats. there were kites and tents pretending to be kites. there was volleyball.

What do we do without our computers? What we do best: build a world regardless, any way we can.

Noah teaching the children about clay, walking sticks, life. Jurph teaching one of the boys how to swing, and teaching us about fire. Zot teaching us about Strip Volleyball. Everyone teaching everyone else about friendship at a distance.

Sunday night. Inside, raining outside. Julia rubbing my foot, NaN quietly playing the guitar, five or six watching/playing video games. Comfortable. Serene. Home.

Breaking news, this just in HOT DAMN 3! teh aftermath, video footage at 11.

So you missed going, maybe because it snuck up on you, and you had no idea it was memorial day weekend. Maybe you just stink and thought that Ohio is too far away. Maybe you lacked the money to go camping. Whatever your excuse you are now reading this hoping to fill in the gaps of what you missed.

First and for most, you missed Jurph and his fire antics. Though you cannot blame the fire all on Jurph since enth had a hand in it, and tandex did bring the creamora. So anyway, there was large amounts of melting/burning various things in the fire (which when the gathering started was just a pile of wood, and by the time we left was semi permanent and included cement walls around it) including pop cans, beer bottles, creamora, paper products, food, small children, clay, etc. Tastes like burning

After spending all night staring into the fire on Friday, a few people were still up waiting for WonkoDSane, Radlab0 and Ladysun, QXZ, Chris-O, and Walter to arrive, while waiting Noah decided to play with some of his fireworks. The owners of the house said this would be ok as long as people didn’t do it near the house. So being brilliant people we decided to go to the road since there weren't many things to be burnt on the cement, and besides how many cars are there on a country road at 4am? So there we are, standing on the road; and we listen… "Sounds like a car" "No way! I don’t see any headlights". So we stand there and debate about it, and sure enough as soon as Noah lights the first one, here comes a truck. OH NO! So a few of us hit the ground while Noah tries to kick it out of the way (since it wasn’t like real fireworks, but more like ground candle things). After the truck clears, they go back to lighting off stuff, but none of them are as good as the first one was.

In the morning everyone had arrived, and so drinking a Mountain Dew I decided to fraternize with the people who were either still up or up again. Radlab0 arrived in the mix with Jurph's sharpie. Needless to say a few of us ended up with writing on our foreheads. Mine said "SMOCK!"

It was fairly hot, and after they cut open the watermelon it became apparent that no one really wanted anymore. What does one do with a cut watermelon that is going to rot in the sun? Play baseball of course! With WonkoDSane pitching, and BrooksMarlin catching, Noah batted, and smashed that watermelon into a million pieces. There was also an orange that got smashed. In the fury of smashing things, three Butterfinger McFlurries ended up getting thrown around and smashed into pieces as well. That night radlab0 made pulled pork, karma debt also made chicken and ribs, and there were also hamburgers and enth made jalapeno corn stuff, and drinks were had by all.

Sunday morning we woke up early so that we could go to the Starliner diner, yummy Cuban American food is a great way to start the day. When we got back, strip volleyball was instigated, naps were had, walking sticks were burned, skydivers appeared, and mothers were visited. I am not sure what all happened that afternoon because I personally decided to go have lunch with my mommy. After lunch we stopped in Columbus to look at my car then it started raining, Iconoplast needed a bathroom, so we stopped at a pizza place and had a brilliant idea. "Why not take pizza back to teh starving noders?" With six pizzas safely in Avalyn's car we drove back to Orient and fed the people who had stormed the house looking for shelter. After eating pizza, birdlace pulled out his CD's and started playing the videos he has made, if you haven't seen them be very jealous, they rock. It eventually stopped raining, and some people went to their tents to sleep, and others, myself, Noah, Dann, and Mordel decided to brave it and stay inside.

Many people left Sunday night because of the rain and or because they had somewhere to be. Others simply waited the night and packed up in the daylight. Me and Cbustapeck left in the morning, since I needed him as a ride since my car was still in Columbus. Oh and if you are ever in a car accident LaggedyAnne is the best!!! Thank you for your help and concern!

Tune in tomorrow for our 5am program, and have a nice night.


Video of fire at


Lost and found

  • I found a CD in my CD player... "The Disco Biscuits" If someone is missing their CD I would be willing to mail it to you, just let me know. problem solved, it's walter's
  • Found: One man's sock, Hanes... if you are missing this, well ... too bad.
  • Lost, lawn chairs
  • Lost, two CDs. Tandex know anything about them?

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