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Americans are referred to by several other names throughout the world, some of them may be pejorative, insulting, or verging on ethnic or racial slurs. The following list is provided for completeness only, and intends no disrespect to anyone (the same goes for the names listed under States and Cities below):

Other Names - Ami, Amurrrikan, Gringo, Merkin, Seppo, Septic, Ummy, United Statesian, USAn, USian, Yank, Yankee, Yanqui

States and Cities

US Territories

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I do not pretend that this is a complete list as far as the city demonyms go. If you would like to have more cities added, please /msg me. Because the US is such a large country, unless it is a unique city or name (such as the Key West example above), please ensure that the city has a population of 100,000 or greater, otherwise the length of this writeup will be out of control.

Thanks to -brazil-, briglass, Chris-O, drinkypoo, eventualdave, fuzzy and blue, generic-man, ianah0, Ignis, Killio, Pint, randombit, Segnbora-t, sekicho, and water for their input.

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