New Jersey is the third state in the United States of America to join the nation. Most people who dislike NJ are actually thinking of north Jersey, which is really an outcropping of the hideous New York City. The central and southern parts of the state are nice.

Pointless "state" things:

Folks, the Jersey beaches are nice. From Cape May to Seaside Heights and Island Heights area, the sand and dunes are beautiful. Of course, the waves aren't big enough to surf on, really, but they're still nice beaches. I've never been to the beaches any further north.

Also, many parts of New Jersey have this cool thing on the roads where you make all your turns from the right hand lane. Even when you're turning left, the right lane loops around. This makes so much sense that I was confused by it (where I'm from, the roads don't make so much sense).

The Garden State gets a bum rap because many people who see it only see it from the New Jersey Turnpike or the northern half of the Garden State Parkway. Once you get away from the big roads, it's actually a lot more like New England than your average New England Resident would like to admit. Drew University, where I work, in fact has been used in movies and TV as a school set in New England or upstate New York.

Of course, there are problems, besides ones of the traffic and pollution that everyone knows about. There's a strong sense of home rule and some 500-odd municipalities (there's no unincorporated land like in many US states) which means 500 school districts, police forces, fire departments, etc. For a state this small, it's a bit crazy and is probably part of why our property taxes are some of the highest in the USA.

But hanging out in the Delaware Water Gap or High Point State Park or even the Jersey Shore makes you kind of glad that most people think we're the armpit of the nation and don't often think to vacation here.

Besides, with suburban sprawl and the cancer of SUVs, the whole rest of the country will be like the worst parts of New Jersey in 20 years anyway. Most modern American cities in the South or West are already suffering from endless sprawl, traffic and pollution. At least in New Jersey we have some fine small towns where people can actually live within walking distance from restaurants, shopping and entertainment.

network meltdown = N = New Testament

New Jersey adj.

[primarily Stanford/Silicon Valley] Brain-damaged or of poor design. This refers to the allegedly wretched quality of such software as C, C++, and Unix (which originated at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, New Jersey). "This compiler bites the bag, but what can you expect from a compiler designed in New Jersey?" Compare Berkeley Quality Software. See also Unix conspiracy.

--The Jargon File version 4.3.1, ed. ESR, autonoded by rescdsk.

Much as I despise living in New Jersey, I am also fascinated by its folklore especially of the Pine Barrens.

South Jersey
Pine Barrens*
Jersey Lightning - can't talk folklore without discussin' the lightnin'!
Jersey Devil
The Jersey Devil
Blue Hole*
Ong's Hat*
Carranza Monument* (Rocket-in-the-Woods)
Quaker Bridge and the White Stag*
The Pines Witch
Jonas Cattell (the original New Jersey folkhero)
Fort Mercer*

North Jersey
Big Red Eye

*places you can actually visit

New Jersey, one of the greatest states in the US.

Here's the stuff:

Passaic County, New Jersey
Atlantic County, New Jersey
Bergen County, New Jersey
Burlington County, New Jersey
Camden County, New Jersey
Cape May County, New Jersey
Cumberland County, New Jersey
Essex County, New Jersey
Gloucester County, New Jersey
Hudson County, New Jersey
Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Mercer County, New Jersey
Middlesex County, New Jersey
Monmouth County, New Jersey
Morris County, New Jersey
Ocean County, New Jersey
Salem County, New Jersey
Somerset County, New Jersey
Sussex County, New Jersey
Union County, New Jersey
Warren County, New Jersey

Some key town/cities:
Livingston, NJ
Ewing, NJ
Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Mount Laurel, NJ
Clark, NJ
Paterson, NJ
cranford, nj
The Oranges, NJ
Bridgewater, NJ
Union, NJ
Newark, NJ
Princeton, New Jersey
Newark New Jersey
Medford, New Jersey
Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Education (yes, some New Jerseyans are actually educated! (Tannor is one of them...)):
Rutgers University
The College of New Jersey

new jersey devils
New Jersey Nets

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General Information:
New Jersey Liquor Laws
The Wiz Store Locations: New Jersey

Things New Jerseyans are proud of:
US population density

A place for noders to live:
The Everything People Registry : United States : New Jersey

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