One of a series of plush toys put out by Kenilworth, New Jersey-based prettyugly llc.

The first uglydolls were created in December 2001. They have a definite tendency toward physical, uhh, uniqueness, which is admittedly manifested in a rather lovable way. In addition, each doll is given a background story to explain who they are and what about their personalities makes them special.

As of the creation of this node the uglydolls are as follows:

Babo is a charcoal gray uglydoll with a classic pear shape, two wide-set yellow eyes and buckteeth. He is best friends with Wage, and his defining characteristic is loyalty.

Cinko has extraordinarily long arms/tentacles, has three eyes and constantly sticks out his tongue. He comes from the ocean but cannot swim, and is the younger brother of Target.

Ice Bat
Ice Bat looks like a sky-blue cartoon vampire bat. His jagged teeth are frightening at first glance, but his uselessly small wings are endearing. He loves the cold.

Jeero is as nondescript as the uglydolls come. He is rectangular with short legs and long arms. He is also the stupidest of the uglydolls, a noteworthy achievement given the competition.

OX is green with short limbs and very long ears. One of his eyes is missing and has been replace by stitches. He's a kleptomaniac and is pals with Wedgehead.

Another marine uglydoll, Target is the older brother of Cinko and is the oldest uglydoll of all. His single eye glows bright red in the center of his forehead, and whiskers adorn his scalp and chin. He is a sort of leader to the other uglydolls.

Tray is light pink and has three eyes, above each of which a lump extrudes from her head. She keeps one brain in each of these lumps, giving her a mental edge on the other uglydolls.

Wage is bright orange and wears a work apron for his job at the Super Mart. He has long, lobster-like arms and hangs around with Babo.

Wedgehead has, well, a wedge for a head. He's got a single eye, which obviously gives him a strange perspective, because he fits in perfectly with you. Him and OX are buddies.

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