Formerly the name of Princeton University in the 19th century. Now the name of a college in Ewing, New Jersey. When new signs for The College arrived for the fall 1996 semester, they were misprinted, reading The College of New Jesrey.

A better name would be "A College of NJ" instead of "The College of NJ", since there are other state colleges/universities in New Jersey, like Rutgers University.

Located in Ewing, NJ, TCNJ used to be called Trenton State College, or TSC. However, TCNJ isn't really in Trenton, hence the name change. (Although they were ignored, Princeton complained about the name, because that used to be their name, so many years ago.)

[Both posts are semi-correct. When Princeton University was founded it was called "College of New Jersey", which is why The College of New Jersey had to abandon its initial use of the initials CNJ, and instead go to TCNJ, which it steadfastly sticks to. When the name was changed, the incorrect signage said "The College of New Jeresy" not "The College of New Jesrey". Rutgers University is the "official" university of the state of NJ, though TCNJ and others are also partially funded (and have some minimal oversight) from the NJ government.

The College of New Jersey was founded in 1855 as the Trenton Normal School, which didn't mean it wasn't a weird place; it meant that it was a preparatory school for teachers.

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