A segment on This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Rick Mercer goes to parts of the states where supposedly intelligent americans can be found and asks them questions about Canada like:

  • Should the Canadian government ban the practice of TĂȘte du Merde where senior citizens are placed on iceflows and left to perish?
  • Should the UN send peace keepers into Saskatchewan to protect civilians from the Russian Invasion?
  • Should the Seal Hunt on Saskatchewan's iceflows be stopped?
  • Should the Irish be allowed to vote in Canada?
  • Canada's Metric Calendar results in our New Year being on February 30, would you like to be there to celebrate a second time after celebrating somwhere else on January 1.

One day, Rick Mercer had people congratulating Canada on various things. This included:

One of my other favorites was the time when he asked people about some fishing dispute, and whether the fish belonged to Alaska or Newfoundland. He got lots of "they should share them" type responses. It was great.

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