A MYSTERIOUS hero! Bitten by a RADIOACTIVE spider, he is now ...

no, wait... Hailing from the planet KRYPTON, able to LEAP giant buildings in a single... ahh, that's not it either...

No, MinuteMan, Freedom Force's leader and most prominent figurehead, was originally Frank Stiles, a scientist who worked in the Manhattan Project...

Old and frail, while taking a stroll through the park, he discovers one of his ex-colleagues working for the RUSSIAN COMMUNISTS !

Being old and clumsy, he trips and falls out of his hiding spot near a bush, and his ex-colleague shoots poor Frank, and runs away!

Frank Stiles, bleeding to death in front of the Minute man statue in the middle of the park, can only hope for a miracle to save him... A MIRACLE that arrives in the form of ENERGY X!!!

A MYSTERIOUS Energy X canister falls from the sky, and unleashes unknown energies into Frank's body, making him YOUNGER, FASTER, STRONGER! As life returns to his body, Frank realizes he was given this AMAZING gift for a reason - FOR FREEDOM! Thus begins the Tale of ...


Addenda - Powers:

(from original bio): Minuteman possesses amazing strength and endurance which, combined with his determination, make him quite a foe to be reckoned with. He also uses a semi-intelligent weapon nicknamed "Patriot", which has several abilities of its own, and special gauntlets (nicknamed "Vigilance") whose special titanium alloy construction gives them enough stopping power to deflect attacks of all kinds.

Min"ute*man (?), n.; pl. Minutemen ().

A militiaman who was to be ready to march at a moment's notice; -- a term used in the American Revolution.


© Webster 1913.

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