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One year from the date I posted this node...

April 18th - 20th, 2003
Medford/Boston, Massachusetts

\m/_ _\m/

On a day of celebration, we will pay much homage to our Patron Saint...
The Lady of Marijuana on this most precious of holy days.

also, my birthday is being officially moved from 4/14 to 4/20
so this is a birthday party for me...
and a housewarming for kara...
bring goodies. k. thanks.

The BAP is an alcohol posse. Plenty of us don't smoke.
Gatherings are about noders... not about getting shitty.
4.20 is a day, it happens to be a weekend. And it is a perfect theme.
You insult me by insisting if you don't smoke you shouldn't come.
Get over it.

the list, yo
message me if you want in

··· the bap ···
(c!) me me me - i live here
(c!) Indra363 - so does kara!
(c!) hamster bong - herbman
(c!) herbman - herbman
(c!) don red - destructopad
(c!) Orange Julius - Orange Julius
(c!) cow of doom - destructopad
(c!) jaybonci - destructopad
(c!) dis - cahla/kara
(c!) drunkenmonkey - watahtown
(c!) jarsyl - jarsyl
(c!) briiiiian - who knows where he'll stay
(c!) Chihuahua Grub - destructopad
(c!) Custy - own pad
(c!) non noders: 2 so far

··· the extended family ···
(c!) panamaus - 12pm · 4/19 · Delta (MHT) · cahla/kara
(c!) nate - 9am · 4/20 · Northwest · (BOS) · hotel
(c!) conventional oven - 1:30pm · 4/18 · ??? · (MHT) · destructopad
(c!) girlface - 2:30pm · 4/17 · Northwest · (BOS) · carla/kara
(c!) martian bob - 7:16pm · 4/18 · Northwest · (BOS) · carla/kara
(c!) chris-o - cahla/kara
(c!) ladysun - cahla/kara
(c!) qxz -
(c!) chiisuta - destructopad · friday · chinatown bus
(c!) crux -
(c!) MzunguMkubwa - cahla/kara
(c!) lolaleigh - herb/jan
(c!) mako - cahla/kara

the agenda, yo

Since this isn't a crazy insane party (YAY) there is no agenda really. We'll just see what happens!!

Carla gets off of work Wednesday at 10:30PM and goes back on Monday at 11:00AM. You can show up and leave any time between those days. If you'd like to do otherwise, talk to me!

··· Thursday 4/17···
get stupid with girlface who's the first to show up

··· Friday 4/18···
get stupid with more people

··· Saturday 4/19···
get more stupid with more people, go into boston for a day (yes you must get out of the house for a bit) return to get stupid again.

··· Sunday 4/20···
oh wait, more getting stupid... Nuff said. People go home. We celebrate that you all have left. The end.

the rules, yo
yes unfortunately you have to behave... somewhat

··· BYOB ···
This party has become BYOB. Please go read that node, because it's true. Last year a few things got out of hand, like Vinny's. There will be a mooch patrol in full effect. If you're caught, we'll talk shit about you for years to come. What this means is Bring Your Own Beer. What this also means is Bring Your Own Bag... Buds... Brownies... Blunts.. Blizzies... you name it. If that's something you can't get on your own, and would like some assistance*, drop me a message. What this does not mean... by no means should you Bring Your Own Bong.

This is not Nazi Germany either, so if you bring beer, bring a case and share. Maybe someone will bring Guinness... and someone else some Bailey's... maybe someone will bring schwag and someone kb! Another words, kids... play nice.

PS - bring your own sleeping-bag.

* I will be making a trip to the hook most likely the weekend before. Which means you would need to get me cash by that point... paypal, check, whatever... it would need to be in my hand by the 11th.

··· entrance fee ···
Damn straight... you have to bring me a shot glass!

··· your to do list ···
Please let me know: When you are showing up... When you are leaving... Where you are staying (hotel, if you have already requested to stay with a BAP member... or if you need a place to crash). You should also bring enough cash to get yourself food, transportation if necessary, and whatever else you think you need. And I already emailed the MBTA to find out when Earth Day is this year!

the directions, yo
are coming soon!!!

The new City of Boston Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge IS OPEN. Yes that is the new hot bridge with purple lights, go check it out at http://www.bigdig.com. Also the new tunnel going under the City is open for heading NORTH through the City. I HIGHLY suggest, no... DEMAND that if you are headed into the city from the south that you take this route. New and Imporved and Detailed directions will be coming soon, sponsored by herbman and Volkswagen of America.

Stay tuned for updates....


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