BAP is a band from the city of Köln(Cologne), Germany. Founded in 1979, they are vaguely left-wing in orientation, and sing in the characteristic dialect of Cologne, Kölsche. The name is rumored to mean Pap, or Dad.

From what I've heard of theirs, their music is straight-up, fairly jazzy rock. It's very good, though my German is rather poor (not to mention my Kölsche) and it's hard to understand the lyrics. Quite reminiscent of some of my favorite Russian bands; in fact, they played a concert with the band Brigada S in 1988. I was first introduced to them through an LP(Kristallnacht) I bought for nothing at a library book sale, and then via the Internet. Great music.

Current lineup:


  1. 1979: ...Rockt Andere Kölsche Leeder
  2. 1980: Affjetaut
  3. 1981: Für Usszeschnigge
  4. 1982: Vun Drinne Noh Drusse
  5. 1983: BAP Live: Bess Demnäahx
  6. 1984: Zwesche Zalzebäck Un Bier
  7. 1984: Kristallnacht (Published in England/USA)
  8. 1986: Ahl Männer, Aaglatt
  9. 1987: Schlagzeiten
  10. 1988: Da Capo
  11. 1991: X Für'e U
  12. 1991: Affrocke
  13. 1993: Pik Sibbe
  14. 1995: Wahnsinn(Greatest Hits CD)
  15. 1996: Amerika
  16. 1996: Lass Se Doch Reden
  17. 1999: Comics & Pin-ups
  18. 1999: Tonfilm
  19. 2001: Aff und So
  20. 2002: Övverall

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