It is GOING TO BE on May 6th. We'll meet at the Long Beach train station between 12:42 and 1. If you're coming at another time or if you're a 'maybe', just find us by exiting the train station, crossing East Park Street, and going down on of the side streets about 3 or 4 blocks until you reach the beach. If there's more than one group of crazy looknig people there, walk up to each group and ask if they're noders, and continue until you find us or someone locks you up.

These are driving directions to the Long Beach train station, which is where we'll meet, and is a few blocks from the beach...
From Manhattan, Westchester, Queens, Bronx or Northern New Jersey- Long Island Expressway or Grand Central Parkway East to Meadowbrook Parkway South. Meadowbrook Parkway South to Exit M-10 (Long Beach – Loop Parkway). Loop Parkway to end. Bear Right onto Lido Boulevard east. Lido Boulevard through Lido Beach into Long Beach. At Long Beach border, Lido Boulevard becomes East Park Avenue. Straight on Park Avenue, into downtown Long Beach, LIRR station is on the right.

From Staten Island, Southern New Jersey or Brooklyn Verrazano Bridge- Belt Parkway east to Sunrise Highway exit. Sunrise Highway east past Green Acres Mall through Valley Stream, Lynbrook and Rockville Centre. Right onto Long Beach Road south all the way to Long Beach bridge. After crossing bridge, continue straight until major intersection (East Park Avenue). Right onto Park Avenue – 5 traffic lights, LIRR station is on your right.

From Manhattan, Westchester, Queens, the Bronx, or Northern New Jersey- Throgs Neck Bridge. Clearview Expressway. Long Island Expressway East to Van Wyck Expressway South. Nassau Expressway to the end. Atlantic Beach bridge. Through Atlantic Beach. At Long Beach border – Nevada Avenue – you are on Beech Street. At New York Avenue make left until Park Avenue. Right onto Park Avenue – LIRR station will be on your left.

From Staten Island, Brooklyn, Southern New Jersey- Verrazano Bridge to Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Long Island Expressway East and continue as above to Van Wyck Expressway.
Take the LIRR, though, and I'll meet you at the station- Long Beach is the last station on the Long Beach line. Weekend trains arrive at Long Beach at 12:42, 1:42, 2:42, 3:42, etc. So, if you can, be on the 12:42, and we'll all meet in the train station. It really isn't too far from NYC (though it seems that way)- an hour and $4.75 off peak from Penn Station. There are also Nassau buses that stop at the Long Beach train station, for those coming from elsewhere in Long Island.

So, I imagine we'll need a community type effort (as I'm broke). You know, one of you brings music, another a picnic blanket or two, a bunch of people bring different food and drink. I actually have a kite, somewhere. /Msg me, or post a write up here, with presumed RSVP and contribution and I'll add it to a list to be compiled here.

Confused? dmd's phone number is 732-236-4555, and mine is 516 432 0725 (before 11 please I live with old people). Call and we'll help with transportation or whatever we can.

dmd writes: Those coming from PA and South/Central NJ are welcome to carpool with me from New Brunswick.

Who's coming so far:

Alright, this is what we still need people to bring: a bonus set of D batteries (that's all for now).
For those curious as to who Robert Moses is, will do until someone can create a proper writeup.

UPDATE 07/16/06 (i.e. wayyyyy post-facto): 2006-07-06@17:37 dmd says re the Robert Moses memorial Everything Long Beach party and picnic of doom please add a link to

BAP is in the hizouse, booooyeeeeezzz...

Yo yo yo. The Boston Alcohol Posse is a-comin' down to show you whippersnappers how it's really done in B-Town. We gots gin, and that makes a man mean! We gots brains, and that's what makes us so hip with the ladies (although that doesn't quite explain cahla's affiliation with the group)! And, most importantly, we gots mad style, something that's fuckin' lacking in this crowd.

So goddamn straight we'll be there. Don't save room for us: we're like Jell-O, yo... we got the wicked mad room makin' skillz already!

Let's get down to it, BAP'ers!

Comin' in on the rocket train from the Boston bawmb so far is:
cahla, the unanagrammable (one spicy bean-town chiquita with buns of steel and hearing like sonar, biiiiotch)
CIA hub guru? HAH! (that'd be me, foolz. I kill you five times before ya hit the ground!)
Mow Co-Food? (that mad node codin' foo who's sexier than Mama Cass and twice as sick, yo)
Taoist Cud Hen (the sanitation engineer of wuuuuv, muthafuckah!)
defer to nun (wicked sick patois speakin' herb jonesin' monstah for as long as the liver hold out)
my drunk Keno, ne? (simian soopah fly and Storrow Drive navigatin' sonuvagun)
amok, I'm us (nihongo? I don't think so... we's all up in her Kool-Aid an don even know what flavah it is)
rid ran (supah fly gruntwerk ninja, certified public accountant, and one badass mofo)

(also: we're gonna exhume Robert Moses and bring his bones down here, y'all.)

(sooper sekrit message for BAP eyes only. burn before reading.):

Hey, kids... the Stannous Bebop will be arriving in Boston on May 5th and will be departing to this here shindig around whenever I roll out of bed in the morning on the 6th. My horse seats five comfortably, seven uncomfortably, and eighteen very uncomfortably, so if more than five or six are coming, we might wanna caravan this sucker.

all right. so we're meeting at the au bon pain in Harvard Square at 8am on Sunday. Of course, you probably already know that. FROM THERE, THE MOON! (and, if we have time, the party)
We gotsta represent, yo! Send a big ol' /msg to "cg" if you're comin' along. Let's show these fuckin' New York punks the true meaning of "imminent liver damage"!

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