This is a recipe I learned from Michael Estes, winner of the Austin, Texas martini competition in 1998.

It was debuted to great success at BAP. For references, contact Randir, Akasha, SGS, and our fabulous host, Cow Of Doom.


  • Extra dry Vermouth
  • Belvedere. There can be no substitution. And it must be stored in the freezer prior to being served.
  • A Martini shaker.
  • A Martini glass.
  • Ice.
First, put ice and water into the martini glass, to start chilling it. Pour a tiny bit of vermouth into this glass; Just a drop will do.

Next, fill the martini shaker with ice. Then pour in an appropriate amount of vodka into it. Enough for everyone. One full sized martini shaker holds enough vodka for two drinks, three if you are stingy.

Shake the vodka in the shaker. Not violently, you simply want to make sure that the vodka is as cold as possible.

By this time, the glass will be chilled, so dump out the water. Just dump it, don't rinse it or anything, or you will lose the hint of vermouth you need.

Pour the vodka into the glass. Garnish with an olive, if you wish.


Giggle at people that used to think that they liked strong drinks.

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