Having watched all the James Bond movies, I can attest to the fact that they become very similar after a while. Here, concisely stated, is the James Bond formula. I have heard that there are other versions of this out there on the web, but this one is entirely my own.

1. Intro Bond Theme and classic gun barrel intro.
2. Opening Scene Bond escapes certain death in spectacular stunt sequence. Key characters such as the Henchman often introduced.
3. Opening Credits Women and guns set to an original song by an established artist which includes the title of the movie in its lyrics.
4. Bond receives his mission Bond flirts with Miss Moneypenny and receives latest mission from M.
5. Bond visits Q Bond receives the latest gadgets from Q along with standard gadget-based humor. Q remarks on Bond’s immaturity.
6. Bond heads out Bond heads to the exotic location of the Villain’s Evil Plan. Sweeping vistas are shown.
7. Bond meets Bond Girl Flirtation begins. The Bond Girl often has a name with a sexual connotation as in Pussy Galore, Plenty O'Toole, Holly Goodhead, Miss Goodnight, Octopussy.
8. Bond has a run in with Villain’s Henchman Bond is overconfident and barely escapes.
9. Bond investigates Bond begins to learn the Villain's Evil Plan.
10. Chase Scene An extended Chase Scene occurs involving Bond, various enemies, perhaps the Bond Girl, fantastic vehicles, incredible stunts, and much destruction.
11. Bond infiltrates Villain’s Fortress The Fortress is usually located in a fairly inaccessible place like on an island, on top of a mountain, inside a volcano, on a stealth ship, etc.
12. Bond battles Villain’s Pets Usually sharks, but may be piranhas, sea bass or other predator.
13. Bond Captured! The Villain captures Bond and the Bond Girl inside the Fortress. Rather than killing Bond outright, the Villain places him in situation involving ridiculously slow yet almost certain death and continues with his plans as if Bond were already dead.
14. Evil Plan revealed Around this point the villain insists upon telling Bond his twisted scheme.
15. Bond Escapes Bond miraculously and implausibly escapes and proceeds to wreak havoc.
16. Bond Army A large group of good guys assists Bond in a huge battle with the Villain’s usually jumpsuited forces. May be the U.S. army, ninjas, coast guard divers, the British navy, etc.
17. Bond triumphs Bond has the Villain on the run. Unless the Villain is Blofeld, Bond kills him.
18. Destruction of the Fortress Huge explosions.
19. Final Battle with the Henchman The loyal Henchman fails to avenge his employer’s death.
20. Bond stranded with Bond Girl Usually the Bond Army is trying to retrieve them but they wish to remain stranded. Kissing ensues.
21. Credits Roll The words “James Bond will return” appear at the end of the credits.

Key Elements
These can happen at any time in the movie:

1. Bond requests a vodka martini "shaken not stirred," at some point in the first half of the movie.
2. Bond introduces himself as "Bond. James Bond." at some point in the movie, usually to a woman.
3. Bond cracks one liners, usually about the deaths of bad guys.
4. Bond gambles in a scene usually involving a bad guy and a woman. Bond appears to be losing at first but then wins with a sudden stroke of luck (or is it?).
5. Fallen Friend: one of the good guys is killed in a poignant scene.
6. Bond employs Q’s gadgets in a desperate situation to spectacular effect.
7. A satellite plays an integral role in the plot.

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