Good heavens. No node for the dear Miss M? Okay, well then.

Miss Moneypenny is the secretary/receptionist/no-doubt-bodyguard of Admiral Sir Miles Messervy, the famed fictional head of MI6 and boss of James Bond 007. She was created by Ian Fleming, and (for the first few films) faithfully brought to life by Lois Maxwell, who played her all the way up through A View to a Kill. At that point (all shudder, please) her smart, confident, cool and sassy older woman role was replaced by some clumsy, wisful bimbette wearing glasses and eagerly wanting 007 to come listen to her Barry Manilow collection.

The horror.

In any case, Miss Moneypenny's main role in the early books and films is to flirt with Bond as, perhaps, the only woman (other than May, his Scots housekeeper) that he is clearly afraid to become involved with. Their interchanges are invariably interrupted by M gruffly calling over the intercom for her to stop delaying Commander Bond and send him in.

In the films, Moneypenny also served as notice that, when James showed up in some incredibly out-of-the-way corner of the world (a pyramid, a nuclear submarine, etc) M was waiting around the next corner or behind the next door.

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