This is an effort to build a listing of every Bond Girl that has starred in the famous James Bond series of movies.
If there are any errors or omissions, please /msg me.

The format is as follows:
Year - Name Of Film
Actress Name - Character Name

1962 - Dr. No
Eunice Gayson - Sylvia Trench
Zena Marshall - Miss Taro
Ursula Andress - Honey Rider

1963 - From Russia with Love
Daniela Bianchi - Tatiana Romanova

1964 - Goldfinger
Honor Blackman - Pussy Galore
Shirley Eaton - Jill Masterson
Tania Mallett - Tilly Masterson

1965 - Thunderball
Claudine Auger - Domino Derval
Luciana Paluzzi - Fiona Volpe
Molly Peters - Patricia Fearing

1967 - Casino Royale
Ursula Andress - Vesper Lynd

1967 - You Only Live Twice
Mie Hama - Kissy Suzuki
Akiko Wakabayashi - Aki
Karin Dor - Bad girl Helga Brandt

1969 - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Diana Rigg - Tracy di Vicenzo

1971 - Diamonds Are Forever
Jill St. John - Tiffany Case
Lana Wood - Plenty O'Toole

1973 - Live And Let Die
Gloria Hendy- Rosie Carver
Jane Seymour - Solitaire

1974 - The Man with the Golden Gun
Britt Ekland - Mary Goodnight

1977 - The Spy Who Loved Me
Barbara Bach - Major Anya Amasova

1979 - Moonraker
Lois Chiles - Holly Goodhead

1981 - For your eyes only
Lynn Holly Johnson - Bibi Dahl
Carole Bouquet - Melina Havelock

1983 - Octopussy
Maud Adams - Octopussy

1983 - Never Say Never Again
Kim Basinger - Domino Vitali

1985 - A View to a Kill
Tanya Roberts - Stacey Sutton
Grace Jones - May Day

1987 - The Living Daylights
Maryam d'Abo - Kara Milovy

1989 - Licence to Kill
Carey Lowell - Pam Bouvier
Talisa Soto - Lupe Larmora

1995 - Golden Eye
Izabella Scorupco - Natalya Siminova
Famke Janssen - Xenia Onatopp

1997 - Tomorrow Never Dies
Teri Hatcher - Paris Carver
Michelle Yeoh - Wai Lin

1999 - The World is Not Enough
Sophie Marceau - Elektra King
Denise Richards - Christmas Jones

2002 - Die Another Day
Halle Berry - Jinx
Rosamund Pike - Miranda Frost

2006 - Casino Royale
Eva Green - Vesper Lynd

2008 - Quantum of Solace
Olga Kurylenko - Camille
Gemma Arterton - Strawberry Fields

2012 - Skyfall
Naomie Harris - Eve
Bérénice Marlohe - Sévérine

2015 - Spectre
Léa Seydoux - Madeleine
Monica Bellucci - Lucia

I have been informed by user JSSFRK that the movie Never Say Never Again is NOT actually an MGM recognised James Bond movie and is more like spoof movie. Something to do with the authors having a tiff as the film was co-written. However, I have left it on the list for the greater good of the database.

acmadude says: Hi, I saw your "Bond Girls" node, and you left out Lana Wood, who played Plenty O'Toole in Diamonds are Forever. Since she was only in a few scenes, I'm not sure if she counts. But with a name like that, you've gotta mention her.


Transitional Man says Casino Royalle was the real spoof, as the rights to that book were owned by another company. My favorite from that movie was Barbara Bouchet though i can't remember the character's name

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