Carey Lowell (b. 11 February 1961) is best known for her portrayal of Assistant District Attorney Jamie Ross in the TV series Law & Order. She appeared regularly on the show from 1996-1998 and has made two guest appearances since leaving the show.

Before bringing her neon blue eyes and irreverent grin to the small screen, Ms. Lowell was a model and an actress in feature films. Her most notable role was as one of the Bond girls, Pam Bouvier opposite Timothy Dalton in Licence to Kill (or License to Kill in the USA). Bouvier is a CIA agent who helps Bond bye kicking some butt in a bar and running around in her underwear on a yacht. Oh yeah! She also appeared in such movies as Leaving Las Vegas and Sleepless in Seattle.

Ms. Lowell is divorced from actor Griffin Dunne, with whom she has a daughter, Hannah. She is currently with Richard Gere, and the couple produced Homer James Jigme Gere on 6 February 2000. (Jigme means "fearless" in Tibetan). Gere and Lowell tied the knot on 9 November 2002.

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