Tiffany Case is the Bond girl in the seventh James Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever. How did she get her name? Her mom gave birth to her while looking for a wedding ring in the famous New York jewelry store.

Tiffany is a vivacious redhead who is a key link in the diamond chain. She drives a red Mustang which becomes invloved in the most exciting car chase in the movie, when Bond and Tiffany escape from Las Vegas, driving the Mustang on its side through a narrow alley. The chase contains a blatant continuity error that is hardly ever noticed. When the Mustang first tilts on its side, it is driving on its left wheels. However, at the end of the sequence, (you guessed it!) the car is on its right side!

Back to Tiffany Case. She's a good-times girl, first allying herself to one side, then another, according to where she sees the fun. Bond ends up rescueing her in the end, where they escape to a waiting boat, seconds before an oil-rig headquarters blows up.

Jill St. John played Tiffany. She was pretty much casted as a "dumb broad". She later appeared on TV in the eighties as a cook on Good Morning, America.

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