Fire and Air. That's one way to sum up Nodestock.

Fire: we like to melt glass, we like to cast fireball, we like to cook things, we like to smoke, we like to roast our faces hands knees, we like to make walking sticks, we like clay, we like the stars.

We like to ride our atavism down into the dark, compelled, circling the flames and "No shit, there I was!", "they would bring them detailed models of the Minuteman as gifts," "your mother and a goat!", "and there was a hook!", "holy shit, a talking dog!", "the buzzard would spread its wings and have one brief, shining moment", "♫ oh, you drunk, you drunk, you silly drunk...♫",

Air: there were people in the sky, falling toward us. there were biplanes buzzing us straight outta World War I. there was a constant, southerly breeze. there was smoke aplenty. there were hacked rocketplanes doing loop-the-loops and off-the-shelf model missiles FWISH!ing into the sky. there were gnats. there were kites and tents pretending to be kites. there was volleyball.

What do we do without our computers? What we do best: build a world regardless, any way we can.