So, I haven’t done this for a long time, because really what’s there to say? I go to school almost every day, and the days I don’t, I have something I need to get done anyway. But today is different. So here we go.

The last two weeks have been bad. No, they’ve been worse than bad, they’ve been awful. It might sound cliché, but everything that could go wrong has. Well, that’s not true, knock on wood there will not be anymore catastrophes in the days to come because I am not sure how much more I can take. At this point, I am so stressed out that I am snapping over every little thing, things that wouldn’t normally bug me.

Classes have been going rough, so I look forward to going home after class to relax. Unfortunately, I live with six other girls in a seven bedroom, three bathroom house. That’s a lot of estrogen. Needless to say, but I am going to say it anyway, there’s a lot of drama. I just cannot deal with the drama anymore, and people setting the air conditioning to warmer than the outside temperature.

So, classes and drama aside, there’s also the getting pulled over, and the house getting broken into, the endless line of stupid people I am faced with day in and day out. I am just in a rotten mood. I have been venting and spilling this putrid bile for days now, and hopefully I will be able to bury it deep deep within me by writing this.

Just keep in mind that when you break into someone else’s house, that’s someone else’s home. Where they feel safe at night. When you break into their house, you’re violating their safety net. Just think of how awful you’d feel knowing some stranger dumped your belongings on your bed and sorted them by perceived worth.