The canonical pick-up line in Japan. Ne, kanojo, ocha shinai? This is The Oldest One In the Book. Don't ever try to seriously use this, it's like asking "What's your sign?" or something equally inane and worn-out.

However, it is good for a joke, especially if you're a foreigner; nobody will expect you to know this lovely phrase. It'll get a laugh every time. Well, no, I take that back. It'll get a laugh the first time. Then don't ever use it again.

If you would actually like to drink some tea together, try this phrase:

Ocha demo nomi ni ikimasen ka?
Would you like to go get some tea or something?

Another good, honest line you could use after the aforementioned tea, or perhaps after a party where you just met.

Sukoshi arukimasen ka?
Would you like to walk for a bit?

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