Yet another anime film by Gainax that uses Character development to capture a viewers lust for movies.

Done by Anno Hideaki Evangelion, Kare-Kano falls under the shoujo genre of anime. The animation is wonderful, with lots of hilarious SD scenes, although there is a lot of writing and stills in it.

Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (His and Her Circumstances) is also known by many fans as Kare-Kano. It is a story of a 15 year old girl named Miyazawa Yukino who seems out-going, smart, and modest; but is actually very private and vain. She works to be popular and the top of her class so she can be admired and complimented until high school comes along. A boy named Arima Souichirou has taken her spot as top student of the class and is handsome, athletic, modest, and wealthy. When Yukino regains the top spot in the class, Souichirou's reaction is the least that she expects.

This anime is not typical shoujo. Anno's genius shows up again in this series, and his style has evolved a lot since Evangelion. This series gripped me right from the first few episodes; unlike Eva, where he waited until the end to whip out the big guns, Kare-Kano is subtle and emotional right off the bat.

The most striking thing about Kare-Kano is that it is written in first-person perspective. Everything is distorted according to the point of view of the main character, (including the art and soundtrack!), and the result is total immersion and great emotional response. Kare-Kano takes the old anime concept of changing the background according to a character's feelings and takes it to the next level. When Miyazawa becomes absorbed in her thoughts, reality disappears and is replaced with a metaphor for her feelings (for example, when she thinks about how great she is, she starts flying and is surrounded by spinning "#1"s). When she ignores people surrounding her, they are replaced by blank outlines.

Plus, the plot and characters are round, complex and subtle, the art and soundtrack are great, and the storyline is paced beautifully; this is not a series that you should be missing.

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